Friday, 17 October 2008

Natalie Paruz 'Saw Lady'

She came, she saw, she conquered...

I just had an email from a talented lady called Natlie Paruz who busks in New York City, playing the Saw. She was interested to know which saint appears in stained glass windows with a saw. I discovered the saw is in general a sign of martyrdom, particularly for St Simon the Apostle (or Zealot as he is often known) and St Joseph, foster father of our Lord due to his carpentry.

I have never heard saw music before this but have listened to a couple of tracks on the website and they are really lovely. Below is a link where you can listen to saw music.

Today in Pavillion Gardens there was a fabulous busking duo crooning golden oldies who also had amps and microphones. I thought it was great. I met another busker today who unfortunately is having a terrible time because his father is terminally ill with cancer and he got a call today saying he had been taken to a local hospital. We had a chat about life and family. Say a prayer for him, Michael, and his critically ill father.

In Brighton there is such a large volume of musicians, buskers and street performers. It would be so nice to gather a few together to do more entertaining busking and put a bit of spirit back into Brighton town centre. One thing I like about buskers is that even though some feel they are viewed often as being 'just the rung above street beggar', as a busking friend, Gary, told me, they are not materialistic and in many ways have renounced much of what so many in society hold most dear in terms of material possessions, wealth and status. Nowadays, that is always something precious. What with the economic crisis being as it is, it may be that in the next year people in Brighton could do with some light musical relief from the hardships which are coming our way.

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blackrain said...

I've never heard of Saw music before, It was beautiful!

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