Friday, 7 October 2011

The Way Movie

Matthew Archbold today interviews Martin Sheen on the DVD release of the new movie, The Way, a tale as epic as the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage at the heart of the new film.

It is not yet released in the UK, but it will be on 31st October. You can buy it at Amazon on pre-release here. It would make a wonderful Christmas or even birthday present to a brother or sister Catholic (hint hint!).

Or, alternatively, divert your gift to brave soul David Aron, who is commencing his sponsored 184 mile walk along the Thames Pathway for The Good Counsel Network tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers also.

I've only seen a trailer for The Way but it does look like its going to be a good movie and a tearjerker at that.

See...That's three blogposts today and I haven't mentioned either sex, homosexuality or gay marriage. Oh no...I've done it again! I'm just obsessed!

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Tim said...

Happy Birthday Laurence y' big 'mo.

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