Sunday, 30 October 2011

Assisi III

You can have all the beards in the World, but there is only one Pope.

Well done to Archbishop Rowan Williams for kneeling before the Tabernacle of the Lord.

May the Lord assist him in calling in the Government to use water cannons on the protesters outside St Paul's Cathedral.

No more Mr Nice Guy, Archbishop, its time to get mean, and I mean Westminster City Council kind of mean. If you asked them to do it to the homeless, that would be bad, but these guys are just left-wing, Gap-wearing protestors who look as if they are posing for a new magazine dedicated to the sole subject of 'how to look great while protesting'.

Are you going to let them close down the Anglican Cathedral in London? Do they think they can do that to you just because you have a beard, are verbose, thoughtful, reflective, sensitive to modern day man and above all because you are an 'accommodating' Anglican? Well, no more accommodating! Get ready, protesters! Nobody ****s with the Archbishop of Canterbury!? You got that, amigos?! Nobody! Now let me introduce you to my little friend!

Half of them are probably just tourists anyway and apparently most of their tents are empty. Its just water - it won't kill them. They'll do what I always do, and go running home to mummy and daddy.  They probably need a good wash anyway. Let's see how 'anonymous' and 'united as one and divided by zero' they are when their tents are being water cannoned into the Thames!

Pope Benedict XVI is a true Successor of St Peter, a fisher of men. Look at all these souls who he brought to Christ to adore Him in His Sanctuary.

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Evagrius said...

For the sake of interest, the Orthodox delegates are probably standing because they don't kneel in Church as a rule. Apparently, it's reserved for strictly penitential things in their custom.

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