Thursday, 20 October 2011

'Occupy' Movement: Do They Want a Catholic Monarch?

"What do we want? A Catholic on the throne! When do we want it? Now!"
With their Guy Fawkes masks and their two finger salutes, presumably connoting the dual nature of Christ, it looks like they do. Wonderful news!

On a more serious note, I must say that I find the 'Occupy' global movement to be rather sinister because we don't really know who is behind it. Who is funding it?

Apparently the movement is very much linked to 'Anonymous' who now have posters all over Brighton. Yes, Brighton!  They have a website which is calling people to action under what appears to be a kind of middle class Marxist/anarchist umbrella. I've read some interesting stuff about the Occupy movement, especially by Brendan O'Neill of Spiked on his Telegraph blog, who has pointed out that the movement is, for a revolutionary youth-led initiative, both tame, lame and totally unfeared by the establishment it publicly states to oppose. These young 'revolutionaries' appear to be more concerned with how they look, than their actual agenda. Take this quote from an Occupy protester in New York (this is for real by the way)...

Interviewer: '"Why are you protesting?"
Protester: “I like the use of public space as a performative realm and I like the combination of bodies in space. I think it makes a statement.”

Er! Hello! What is this?! A protest or a meeting of Narcissists Anonymous!? Others have pointed out the links between 'Occupy' and the establishment itself. Others have wondered whether the movement may in some way have its origin in the establishment and that anarchic revolutions which have been seen in the Middle East and Africa are the desired end. I must say that a 'revolutionary' movement taking aim at the heart of the establishment is hardly going to be granted public approval from the White House and I shall not be the first nor last person to suggest that any new political movement which does not deeply offend George Soros, but instead wins his public approval, is perhaps not totally authentic or inspired from a 'grassroots' level. It does appear to be The Guardian's cup of Tea (Party), but while that shouldn't surprise us too much, it should make us wonder who is behind it.

The motif of the movement appears to be these Guy Fawkes masks, which keep the faces of the people who want 'change' hidden. Clever, clever. The idea has been lifted from the (propaganda?) Hollywood movie V for Vendetta, wherein the protagonist blows up the British Houses of Parliament (spoiler) and all the people rejoice because the leader is a 'bad man' and they watch her blow, liberated, as they are, from their political oppressors.

Both the film and the current trend among upper middle class lefty activists to wear these masks, which appeared first in Britain, notably, during the riots of the Summer, have forgotten that our history books tell us that Guy Fawkes, with some Catholic mates, plotted to blow up Parliament because he and his friends wanted a Catholic monarch on the throne. That is, Guy Fawkes desired monarchy, Catholic monarchy specifically, rather than anarchy or even parliamentary democracy and certainly not a new variant of Marxism that enthrones reason alone as God, despises religion, persecutes and crushes the Church and sets up a stronger vanguard of capitalist oligarchs to rule over the people with more ferocity than ever they did before.

Ironically, The Catholic Knight tells us that Catholic Prophecy suggests European revolutions will occur, but that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph and after a quite terrifying intervention by Almighty God, it will all result in a Catholic monarch from France restoring the Holy Roman Empire in a great new age for the Church lasting until the appearance of the Antichrist. Wow! It all sounds absolutely mental to me, but then, thank God, we are not bound to believe such things since they are sourced from private revelation. Thank God, indeed, for the less we believe it, the less likely it is to be true, right!? Still, it is worth telling it to these youths in Guy Fawkes masks though, just to see the look on their, er, faces.

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P Standforth said...

And there was me thinking they were an advance party of the LMS ready to topple the established church and restore the Anglican Cathedrals to their rightful owners. Ah well...Now, where are my tablets?

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