Friday, 7 October 2011

Happy Cafod Fast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary

Grrrr...and its my birthday. How could the Bishops call a fast today!?

Presents, cards, money, cigarettes, alcohol, rosaries, mass cards and letters of good wishes from friends can be sent to the Presbytery at St Mary Magdalen's Church. Dead puppies from my enemies can be sent to my PO Box address, which I seem to have lost. Don't worry if they arrive late, I'll still appreciate them.

Happy, er, Fast Day, everyone.

Today, I'm 34. I hear it is all down hill from here.


Pastor in Monte said...

Many happy returns, Boney! Every blessing.

georgem said...

Happy birthday, young'un.
Let me tell you that, from where I am, it all seems uphill; a one in three uphill . . .

Anonymous said...

I hear that it's a FEAST day, not a FAST day. It's a celebration of Lepanto after all, like you said. Or are those two the same? I get confused on occasion.
Happy birthday anyway.

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