Saturday, 8 October 2011

Afternoon Must Read

The LGBT organistion, Quest, is to offer a Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory, Soho. To find out why this undermines Archbishop Vincent Nichols's public opposition to gay marriage, read A Reluctant Sinner's post today.

While the post makes clear that Quest and those who organise the Soho Masses are different groups, it also makes clear that these are 'different sides of the same coin'.  The difference with Quest is that their dissent from the Church's Magisterium is even more entrenched, public and strident than that of the Soho Mass organisers. I agree with the blogger that it is impossible for Archbishop Vincent Nichols to defend the definitive nature of marriage as between one man and one woman, and to allow an organisation that publicly defies Church teaching, and which is publicly supportive of gay marriage, to use the Catholic Church to celebrate and promote their anti-Christian agenda. This is the reason why many Catholics will feel that on this issue, as well as others, the public words of condemnation in response to David Cameron's pledge to make gay marriage legal by 2015 ring very hollow indeed.

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georgem said...

Every single failure of the bishops to speak out from the first against gay "marriage" makes them complicit in yet another downgrading of the dignity of women as mothers and nurturers of the next generation.
Yes, I know they'd protest it's not what they intend but when all they can argue in the public forum is that marriage is no more than a "social good", then it surely follows that marriage between a man and a woman is no more valid than any other kind of stable "marriage".
The incremental timidity to speak out against contraception, abortion and "non-judgemental" sex education has led us to this point and, no doubt, further as other sexual lobby groups claim their "rights". All of it militates against the unique role of womanhood.
The hierarchy has tied itself into knots in its attempt not to offend or to draw fire from the militant secularists. This isn't appeasement. It's moral cowardice. And the biggest losers are women.

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