Friday, 14 October 2011

David Aron to Complete His 184 Mile Walk for Good Counsel

This man deserves a beer and more, but donate to Good Counsel!
David Aron aims to complete his 184 mile along the Thames Path Walk to raise money for the work of the Good Counsel Network today.

David began his walk on Friday 7th October. He plans to attend the Old Rite mass for the Good Counsel Network this evening at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane in Central London.

He has walked about 25 miles a day to complete the walk and has had to carry his sleeping bag, tent etc. Please sponsor David, and help the Good Counsel Network to protect more babies by giving support, friendship, food and housing to more expectant Mothers by clicking on to his JustGiving page.

1 comment:

Et Expecto said...

I have just heard that he has completed the walk. He will be at Mass at Corpus Christi in maiden lane this evening.

Why not go to the just giving site and make a final donation?

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