Clocks Go Back Tonight... remember to set your grandfather clocks for tomorrow morning's Mass.

I don't want to sound like 'Big Brother', just I've had experience of turning up for Mass and people are having coffee and biscuits in Spring. The worse that would happen this time of year is turning up for Mass an hour early, which is okay if you can access the Church, or cold if you cannot.


Mac McLernon said…
The advantage with the autumn "clocks back" thing is that it just means you have to wait a little longer for Mass to begin, rather than, as in the spring, finding that you've missed Mass completely!!
This week, or next? Does it matter US or Euro?

So confused at this.
The Bones said…
Ah, sorry, got wrong time of year. So, clocks back tonight otherwise you'll be an hour early.
The Bones said…
I don't know Joseph, all I know is it is clocks back tonight for UK