Mears Brothers Cleared of Wonderland Scam

Mears Brothers Ltd: Thoroughly pleasant chaps...
In what amounts to an astonishing twist of justice, the Mears brothers at the heart of a 'wonderland' scam have been cleared of their conviction. Two more thoroughly pleasant and decent men, you would be hard pushed to find.

How did they arrive at a situation whereby from being behind bars for an alleged massive fraud to perhaps being recompensed for the result of what now appears to have been a mistrial because a juror received a text that said 'guilty'? Find out here. Phew. And there I was thinking this town was still ran by gangsters with leverage and influence over the Council.  Strangely, no retrial application has been made...

I didn't realise that the contract awarded to Mears Group Ltd by Brighton and Hove City Council in 2009 was worth £200 million. What a bargain.


Technically they have not been cleared. Their conviction has been quashed. In theory they could be re-tried for the same offence.
The Bones said…
What chance of that do you think?
Not much if the authorities are sensible. (Just being a pedant - sorry).