Thursday, 20 October 2011

Liberalism Arrives in Poland

Palikot: Liberals cannot abide the Cross
A former Vodka tycoon (yes really), Janusz Palikot has caused uproar among Poland's Catholic community (which is meant to be about 99.1% of the nation's population), by calling for the Cross adorning the Parliament's wall to be removed because...

“We respect the religious character of the cross. That is why it should not be pulled into political disputes and should not hang in the parliament.”

According to this news report, Palikot 'would take the matter to Poland's Constitutional Tribunal, if the Speaker of the Lower House did not take on board his party's requests. Failing that, he said that he would turn to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg'. I think he has forgotten his country's history or perhaps desires for it to be erased from national memory and let's face it, the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg can always be relied upon to defend freedom and liberty of religion, national culture, heritage and have a strong history of venerating the Holy Cross.

Evidence, if more were needed, that as soon as liberals enter the corridors of power, they wish the Cross to be removed from people's minds, hearts and politics. I hope and pray Polish parliamentarians and the vast majority of the country tell Palikot where to get off and say, "Thanks for the vodka, Janusz, but if it has to be a choice of either you or the Cross, then the Cross stays and you go." Pray for Poland which, not for the first time in its history, is the last man standing in defense of what remains of Christendom.

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Left-footer said...

It's a slight comfort that Palikot's party got only about 10% of the vote in a low turn-out. He apparently wants to liberalise the law on drugs, as well, and some time ago made a speech while waving a gun and a "sex-toy".

The Poles are, for the most part, and outside metrosexual Warsaw, a level-headed people. Please God they will see Palikot off.

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