Catholic Dare

A great new game for Catholic kids and teens. It's called Catholic Dare.

The game is simple and free. Great for those long summer days and evenings.

Basically, one Catholic teen says to another, "I dare you to..." Then the other Catholic teen has to do the dare or he can't play and has to find new friends.

One Catholic dare could be to produce a range of sticky white labels with the words, 'Get your baby killed here' and place them on the local abortion clinic's sign. Another could be walking into the local funeral directors (when there is no customers) and sing the Dias Irae. Another could be to walk up to a tarot reader in the town centre and tell her her future if she doesn't renounce witchcraft and convert. Another could be to stand outside a sex shop with a sign saying, "This is really not on" or something.

These are great ways to make the Church Teenage Militant more active and to encourage them in the practise and knowledge of the Faith and grow in holiness.


I have been wondering for a while the morality of hawking up and gobbing at condom machines in toilets. What do you think?
Glue a pound coin in. I can tell you - it works!
Shirley said…
haha! nice way to put it
Anonymous said…
Your blog is really becoming increasingly sick of late. Do us all a favour Laurence. For goodness sake don't tell anyone your a Catholic!
Rusticus said…
A quid well spent!!
epsilon said…
Laurence - I've dared you @ James Preece's
Nothing like an anonymous insult to show charity!

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