Thursday, 5 May 2011

Voris on the New Evangelisation of Blogdom

Congratulations to all those bloggers who got to attend the Vatican meeting with bloggers and, well done also to all those who went to the alternative meeting at which Michael Voris gave a speech as shown above. Tomorrow I go to the glorious See of Westminster ("See! I'm not jealous!") to meet with other bloggers about this Catholic Blogger Guild. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow/over the weekend. There is good coverage linking to other sites on the alternative blognic, as well as Fr Tim Finigan's account of the bloggers meeting at the Vatican.

Voris discusses a range of issues related to blogging the Faith and mentions wide scale apostasy of the Faithful. Fr Ray Blake has discussed on his blog the removal of a Bishop for vocal rebellion against the Church's teachings on a few areas. Gloria TV, as shown below, cover the removal of that Bishop and the dissident views of another. Why is it that these dissident Bishops are wearing shirts and ties instead of episcopal dress or even clerical collars? Is not dressing up like a Bishop a key giveaway of heretical Bishops? For one reason or another, I sincerely hope not!


Stuart said...

I'm really looking forward to the guild meeting at Westminster Cathedral.

See you there.

Catholic priest (Southwark) said...

I don't think so - after all Fr Ratzinger was frequently seen and photographed in a dark suit, collar and tie when he was a theologian. In fact, such attire is informally considered to be the correct dress code for catholic theologians.

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