Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pilgrimage Excitement...

Our Lady of Walsingham
Well, I'm putting my name down for two pilgrimages this year. What with the release of the new Martin Sheen movie, The Way, out in cinemas soon, I hear, following a bereaved father making a pilgrimage along the Santiago de Compostela, pilgrimages could even attract atheists this year. Hopefully, lots of Catholics too.

I do so love a good pilgrimage. The first one I'm hoping to attend is this coming Saturday 28th May at Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead. Not much walking involved there but I've been before. I look forward to receiving a much needed plenary indulgence! If you can, do come. I think it is being organised by the LMS, so there could or really should be an abundance of pilgrim Catholics with picnic hampers for a High Mass at 12 noon though it seems we should get there for 11.30am. The picnic is after the Mass obviously. Check out Fr Ray's blog for more information.

Ely to Walsingham

The other pilgrimage that I hope to attend is the LMS pilgrimage from Ely to Walsingham taking place from 26th - 28th August 2011 (Bank Holiday Weekend) for the conversion of England. According to the LMS site...

'Pilgrims will meet in the evening of Thursday 25th August at St Ethelreda's Catholic Church, 19 Egremont Street, Ely. The pilgrimage will begin with the Traditional Mass in St Ethelreda's Catholic Church on Friday morning.

There will be a sung Traditional Latin Mass each day and Confession will be available throughout the pilgrimage. Mass on the second day will be in the Catholic chapel at Oxburgh Hall. The pilgrimage will conclude with Mass at Walsingham on Sunday afternoon. This pilgrimage is open to all ages and to families.

We want to encourage as many families to attend this pilgrimage as possible. For that reason we have secured indoor accommodation for each night. The indoor accommodation is for use by women and children. Women and children are also free to camp if they wish. Camping is compulsory for men, although this will be indoors on the Friday night.'

Someone told me that the word on the street is that Michael Voris of Vortex fame will be going as well, but, obviously I'd never be so shallow as to make a pilgrimage or promote it because someone I admired was going. You can book your place on the pilgrimage online (Adult non-LMS members: £60, Adult LMS members: £50 Under 18s and students: £30). How exciting!

The other exciting pilgrimage, which unfortunately, I won't be making due to work (yes, work! Exam invigilating is not so exciting but it's a job!) is the pilgrimage to Chartres starting from Notre Dame, Paris on Saturday 11th June. Last minute applications for the pilgrimage can be made here. More juventutems than you can shake a staff at! Shame I've gone and disgraced myself and found employment for June!

"What do we want?! Plenary indulgences! When do we want them?! Now! Who do we want them for? Ourselves and the Holy Souls in Purgatory! Allelulia! What do we want?! The conversion of England! When do we want it? Yesterday! But today would much suffice!" 


Clare@ BattlementsOfRubies said...

"What do we want?! Plenary indulgences! When do we want them?! Now! "
Thanks for this reminder Laurence, I think a pilgrimage with the children would be great. I'll talk to the other half about it.

sirhumphrey said...

The Walsingham Pilgrimage sounds great. I haven't been to Walsingham for many years now and I would love to go again. I'd really love to find a decent statue of Our Lady of Walsingham also. The only ones I seem to find that don't look cheap and tacky cost about £600. Have a great time on the pilgrimage Laurence and here's to the conversion of England!

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