Friday, 20 May 2011

Doomsday Saturday

His own placard condemns him...
Note to self: 'Don't bother washing or cleaning teeth on Saturday as World ends, go to Confession and set aside a little more time for prayer.'

Our Lord warned us about false prophets such as Martin Luther, for instance, who really contributed to this shambles, this awful advertisement for Christianity (and no, I'm not talking about this blog).

If the group claiming that the World will end on May 21st are right it will go down as the biggest fluke in World history.

I assume, of course, that he's praying the Rosary daily, as recommended by Saints, Popes and Doctors of the Church for graces that will aid our salvation. I expect he must be a real man of prayer. I mean, what with being privy to the Mind of the Almighty and Ever Living God, he's going to need all the humility he can get on the Day of Wrath.

Aren't they going to be awfully disappointed if the Lord holds back? Are they still asking for donations even though the World's going to end on Saturday? I might even be in a State of Grace myself so Saturday evening would be good for me. Is Saturday good for You as well, Lord? Great! It's a date! I'll pencil it in now. So much for the 'thief in the night' bit of the Gospel!

In the Church there is an understanding that one day the Lord will return as Judge of the living and the dead in power and glory. There is a difference in language and understanding in the Church. I expect that if the Antichrist was on TV tomorrow declaring himself to be the saviour the World was waiting for, the Holy Father probably wouldn't call him the Antichrist. He'd say something like, "He is an enigmatic, intriguing man whose views propose a remedy for mankind's problems, but who fails to address the spiritual hunger and need of man, whose greatest thirst is for a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone can bring mankind happiness, fullness of truth and salvation." We don't really do sensational end-times talk.


pelerin said...

Yes - we have not got long to go now! What surprised me was only learning about this a couple of days ago. Surely if they really believed it they would have told the world a long time ago to be prepared?

Many years ago there used to be an elderly man who walked up and down London Road with his sandwich- board bearing the doom-laden message that 'The end of the world was nigh'. I used to wonder who sponsored him to do this. And I remember when at school in the 50s we became quite concerned on learning that a group of people had sold all their goods and retreated to a mountain top to wait for the end. They must have looked sheepish when they had to come down again.

Have just realised that I swept my front path today - perhaps I need not have bothered! I don't think I'll bother washing up tonight though - just in case.

Catholic Paterfamilias said...

On the bright side the world ending will at least save me from having wash the cars and cut the grass.

Better get to confession tonight though.

On the side of the angels said...

There's some scripture scholar declaring the Pope's about to be assassinated, Arinze's going to take over and be martyred after the sacking of rome in world war three [but the antichrist isn't due for another 3 centuries - the 'prophet' reassures us...] .Takes all sorts I s'pose.

pelerin said...

There are some great comments on Damian Thompson's piece about the Rapture including the following:

'Looks like we are in for a short weekend then'

'A religious seer told Pope Benedict that the anti-Christ had arrived and he was three years old. The Pope is said to have replied 'Then I shall leave the problem to my successor!''

Have a good weekend folks!

Paul Smeaton said...

The sad thing is that these people undermine belief in the last things by making it all seem ridiculous. I suppose that's what happens when you start making it all up for yourself.

pelerin said...

Ah well - 6pm has come and gone and it's a beautiful evening here and as far as I know the rest of the world is out there having come to no harm. Shall have to go and do the washing up now after all! I presume that chap will have to take down all those bill boards across America now. What a waste of money.

Did you know that St Malachy wrote that the 112th Pope - ie the next one - will be the last? Not sure if this means another 'End of the World' scenario to look forward to.

Jonathan Marshall said...

A very perceptive comment, Paul Smeaton.

These bonkers Protestant heretics end up tarring us all with their brush (in the eyes of the World).

Catholic Paterfamilias said...

If I'm posting this and Laurence lets the comment go up, I'm guessing we escaped Doomsday - either that or I must be condemned to a hell of blogging and commenting on other people's blogs.

pelerin said...

Has anybody else noticed that the person who paid $140,000 to put up all the bill boards was not actually the chap who prophesised the Rapture. He got someone else to do it. Is he still missing? Perhaps he was the only one to be taken up?

There are some amusing photos on the Daily Mail website of carefully laid piles of clothes supposedly left behind by their owners.

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