Thursday, 5 May 2011

Butterfly Breeding

Inspired by James Preece and family, I have purchased a large glass storage jar to house my caterpillars. I'll watch, mesmerised, as these little creatures devour leaves, grow, become pupae and then emerge, radiant with beauty endowed from Heaven above.

I don't have any children, but I can see myself getting well into this. I used to breed moths when I was small. Then, I'm going to get the butterflies, gas them, kill them, stick pins in them, frame them and sell them on London Road in picture frames for £3.99 each.

You can see now how adulthood has changed me. Each month I will allow one of my winged beauties to go free because I am a generous breeder.


Tim said...

Don't kill butterflies Laurence - it's not nice. Make them fight to the death instead and charge people to watch - or take bets on the outcome.

The Bones said...

Oh that is a good idea.

Angela Forthsythe said...

In popular parlance, the term 'breeder' refers to heterosexuals with a promiscuous tendency.

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