Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Say a prayer for Osama Bin Laden, for his wives and children.

Pray too for the mass murderer still living in his secure compound in the White House.

Personally, I thought Osama's smile was even nicer than Obama's.

May God have mercy on his soul.

I agree with Damian Thompson that for a US administration contending with a host of 'conspiracy theorists' over responsibility for such events as 9/11, the fake, photoshopped image of the dead terrorist's head that appeared in The Guardian, Telegraph and Mail today and the fact that the body was disposed of rather hastily into the sea does the Government no favours at all.

Regardless, abortion is still a far greater threat to the United States, Europe and Great Britain than is terrorism. No terrorist ever managed in excess of 200,000 British children a year. All this, "We can all sleep safely now" balls...No unborn child is safe in the United Kingdom. At least Osama Bin Laden allowed his 20 or so children to live! He might not have allowed me to live after a pint and a chat, but still, credit where it is due...

UPDATE: He did not use his wife as a human shield, nor was he armed. I think Christina Odone should take down her blog in which she condemns him for something the White House now says he did not do. Meanwhile, a former Pakistani ISI chief is now claiming that the US has had Osama's body on ice for years! Apparently, they were waiting for a politically opportune time to wheel his body out and er, dump it at sea! You couldn't make this stuff up, could you!? What hasn't been reported are his last words. My suspicion is that he said, "The war against the infidels, their leader Austen Ivereigh, lukewarm Bishops and the watering down of the Faith must go on...Viva Il Papa!"

UPDATE 2: The Americans are calling for Bin Laden's head to be placed on the spike at the top of the Empire State Building, but there's no way it is going to happen because, much like military courts at Guantanamo, a 'body of evidence' is not seen as being wholly necessary to this operation.

Now, the US Government are saying that the images of Bin Laden's body are too "gruesome" to be released. Gosh, and there was I off to buy another pack of cigarettes with that guy with the throat tumour and the awful moustache. If you can take that, you can take anything, surely? It feels like we are being prepped either for a non-release of the dead terrorist's body, or for the embarrassing moment when we do see the body of public enemy number 1, only to realise that it is so mangled and mutilated by US forces from the 40 minute gun battle that, nevermind whether it is Osama or not, the body is no longer recognisably human.

Is it just me, or are the number of 'conspiracy theorists' globally shooting upwards with every US Government announcement? Personally, I don't want to see the body. I'm prepared to accept that Osama is dead and Obama's approval ratings should increase as a result and that he may even win in 2012.

Freedom from terrorists: Volks Railway, Brighton
For the first time this year, yesterday I went on the Volks Railway, the World's oldest electric railway, going from Brighton Pier to the Marina. At just £1.90 per single ticket, it was a bargain and I can tell you, I felt a thousand times safer on that 5 mph train knowing that Osama Bin Laden had been taken down and that the World was rid of an evil terrorist warlord.

I'll feel even safer when George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski are dead too, mind, but it really was a pleasant little ride.

UPDATE 3: Crikey! I thought the Volks Railway was an interesting ride! It's nothing compared to the Obama just killed Osama story! Now, a top US Government insider who served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior has gone on record to say 9/11 was a false flag operation and that Osama has been dead since 2001. If he is really spilling the beans, then he's not long for this World. He's saying Obama is just trying to prove he is more American than apple pie because he is on the ropes politically. This interview is devastating.

UPDATE 4: As I predicted and as The Telegraph now confirms, the White House is saying that photos of Bin Laden's dead body show 'large open head wounds and "brain matter".' So his face is so messed up it could be a Pakistani milkman, right? It looks like, sooner or later, this story is going to blow up in the President's face too. It now turns out that Obama did not watch the shooting live, even though press reports suggested that that was exactly what happened. He only saw the approach of troops to the compound gates. This 'Obama heroically assassinates Osama' publicity coup is unravelling even faster than Jimmy Carter's presidency! Whoever's advising Obama needs shooting...metaphorically speaking, of course.

UPDATE 5: A senior official at NBC News now says President Obama has decided, and this may prove to be a little controversial, if not totally fatal, not to release pictures of Osama Bin Laden's body. No reason given. He doesn't have to give a reason because he's the President of the Untied States of America! U-S-A! U-S-A! Oh dear!

Update 6: In the same Live reportage coming from The Telegraph, President Obama has given his reason for not producing an image of the corpse. It is because he does not want "very graphic photographs floated around as an incitement for additional violence or a propaganda tool. That is not who we are, we don't trot out this stuff as trophies." Bizarre! Happy enough to trot Osama's assassination out as an electoral trophy in the run up to 2012 though, isn't he? Of course, America is better than the rest of the World. I mean, the US respect the rule of law. No killing in cold blood of enemies on foreign, sovereign soil without trial or evidence in Obamaland! Call me stupid, if you like, but wouldn't Osama have been better alive, because you could then, you know, water board him or something and find out what the rest of the Al Quaida gang are planning next? His brain, I would have thought, was the most useful part of him, but now that's been shot to pieces...apparently! No footage of the burial at sea either. No black boxes at 9/11 either. Anyone see a pattern developing?

Update 7: Well, that's that! Conspiracy theorists - the floor is all yours. The only picture of the body of a man with a middle eastern sounding name who is into bombing, guns and fighting, that you are going to see today, is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Mr Barack Hussein Obama. 'Mission accomplished!' was the banner behind George W. Bush on USS Abraham Lincoln on 1, May 2003. On 1, May 2011, Obama claims to have killed Osama: 'Mission accomplished!' Different suit - same cowboy! In the good old days, politicians spoke and people believed them. I wonder what has changed...


Left-footer said...


If he accorded according to his misinformed conscience, I cannot believe he is destined for Hell.

Left-footer said...

Sorry: "acted according to".

Left-footer said...

And your point - "No unborn child is safe in the United Kingdom" deserves a round of applause.

ThEmIrRoR said...

I quite agree

Hugh and Co. said...

This is my last visit and I am joined by several others.
Have a read about the Blogmeet.

The Bones said...


Left-footer said...

Laurence - I think Hugh and Co was referring to this -

Pete said...

So why is a man who acted on his misinformed conscience in planning the brutal murder of over two thousand innocent people not destined for hell*, while a man who acts according to his conscience in signing a medical bill to allow abortion (a bill put before him as part of his duties as president and which he has no right to decline) destined for Hell?

*Your theology seems strange here. For all the hysteria about heresy, you seem to allow that a Muslim fanatic and enemy of Christianity is capable of entry to heaven. How? What exactly would he say to St. Peter? 'I've made a life out of turning people away from Christ, I have threatened to murder, and have conspired to murder, those who seek comfort in Christ, but can I receive the rewards forthcoming for devotion to Christ anyway?'

P.s., can we get a shot of Obama's birth certificate and a full retraction from you of your claim that he was not a US citizen?

The Bones said...

To quote Obama, sorry, but the destination of souls at judgment is "above my pay grade".

Pete said...

That would be the American citizen Obama, who did not, as you previously alleged, forge his birth certificate in a bid to deceive people

The Bones said...

President Obama is more American than apple pie. Happy?

The Bones said...

Not everyone's so convinced, mind.

Pete said...

Yeah, that website has some convincing stuff on it:

Obama's worst crime? Backing a paedophile ring concealed behind the walls of a fake state with spurious diplomatic immunity is certainly up there

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