Objective Moral Disorder?

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I've been rather disappointed by Austen (nice make of car!) Ivereigh recently. I'm new to this Twitter thing, but James Preece put something on his blog from Austen Ivereigh's Twitter status accusing James of saying something he really did not say about homosexuals. I guess Austen is quite good at spinning articles and stories round on their head. You could call it a journalistic three point turn, which is a useful manoeuvre in misrepresenting others. Essential on the information highway, eh Austen?

All James did, as far as I can read, was bring Catholic Voices up to speed on what the Catholic Church teaches on homosexuality being an 'objective moral disorder' rather than being just, well, y'know, fine and dandy and normal and stuff. I know that a particular Catholic Voice was put on the spot by an interviewer who clearly wanted to push him into a corner with a sign saying, "The Catholic Church hates gays", but it is still right for Catholics to be concerned that a Catholic Voice is, wittingly or unwittingly, normalising homosexuality.

Perhaps Austen, who is clearly very sensitive about being criticised when he presents the Catholic Faith without reference to the manual - the Catechism of the Catholic Church - and tries to sell it to others at a knock down price, could take a look at The Telegraph today, wherein we find a story about a man who has had sex with a thousand cars. Austen? Jack? Is this normal? The car doesn't explicity give consent but then...Gosh, its so confusing isn't it!?

Obviously, I don't want to paint you into a corner boys, because it is clear that men who like having sex with cars have been persecuted unjustly throughout history. It is only now that the love of a man for his car is more widely accepted by society. Pretty soon, people who have intimate relationships with their cars will be wanting to marry them. Air pressure is building on the Church to accept this love and change Her doctrines. Is it really fair to call autophilia an objective moral disorder? Austen? Catholic Voices: Time for a change of tyres. Jack? A thousand cars. That must have been exhausting.


I think you're resorting to the defective language of the autophobe...

Tweet: Laurence England compares people who have sex with cars to the genocidal bastards who changed the name of opal fruits to starburst
Stick that in your carbureter and smoke it Austen!
BJC said…
Austen following his 'Covenant of civility' again...
BJC said…
For anyone who's missed it this is a great analysis of liberal strategy which was put up on James Preece's blog re this debate:


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