Wednesday, 18 May 2011


St Francis: "You know what I've noticed about you? You guys have a habit of always seeing things in black and white."

St Dominic: "Funny, I always think you guys have a peculiar habit of seeing everything in shades of grey."


Ryan said...

Laurence. What is the lovely new painting on the Guild blog? Made a huge difference. A good move.

The other had glorious colours and the lettering and layout were superb but not quite right.


The Bones said...

Christ giving the Keys to St Peter

Daryl said...

Why was the picture changed? Somebody said it was to include women but it doesn't does it so any other reason? Was it a copyright issue?

The Bones said...

The whole theme of the first version was too masculine, I think. It may be that there are no ladies in the new pic, but it looks a bit more universal. It is Peter.

Daryl said...

Thanks. They look like ladies and not many of us know much about painting!
I, for one, thought the standing figure with praying hands behind Saint Peter, was Saint Mary Magdalene.
Let's hope the Da Vinci Code bloke doesn't think up something bizarre to make a few more millions at the box-office!

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