Wednesday, 25 May 2011

God Save the President

Hilarious, but just the kind of awful faux pas I'd probably commit if I were in his shoes. Thank God I never will be! Poor man must have felt the Earth opening up...

The media in the UK haven't paid too much attention to this incident. I'm just looking at the Google news coverage of this embarrassing gaff and very, very few of the mainstream press are interested. Now cast you mind back a few years to George W Bush.

I had no time for the man, myself, but it is pretty plain that Obama gets pretty different treatment from the media in the UK, Europe and the US. Just because he's a liberal media crowd's wet dream doesn't mean you can't lament in print the narcissism and embarrassing gaffs of the President of the United States, surely?

Just listen to this from Telegraph blogger, Benedict Brogan...

'A misfired toast to the Queen has not got in the way of fairly rapturous reactions to the power of the Obama effect. '

Do you see what he did there? He glossed over Obama's gaff and reported the whole Obama visit in terms of 'rapturous reception' and the 'Obama effect'. This is exactly what Belloc was saying in his essay on the free press and the power of the official press to manipulate opinion to persuade people that a man who is probably not that charismatic is incredibly charismatic and wonderful! Have you ever listened to one of his speeches? He's actually really dull!

Has Obama got some inside information on all the World's journalists or something so that they can't be criticial of him, or is the World's media just so in lurrrve with this guy that he can launch wars despite a Nobel Peace Prize and make a laughing stock of himself in front of the Queen and journalists still say...

'A misfired toast to the Queen has not got in the way of fairly rapturous reactions to the power of the Obama effect. '

God help the Fourth Estate. I know we all make mistakes, but come on, Bush would have been toast today. It's absurd.


Michael said...

How gracious is our Queen.
She raised her glass at the end of the National Anthem though she was not required to do so, it being a toast to her.
Her action defused the situation and put her guest at ease.

The wisdom of age is expressed here, an issue touched on in the last post.
Kind Regards

Mike said...

I take it that his faux pas was referring yet again to England. A few days ago he referred to the Queen of “England”. Poor chap. I know that he is a bit of a loser but has he no decent advisers.

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