Thursday, 13 September 2012

Facebook News

Facebook.  Either it is a massive government surveillance project or it has the potential to be. As you can see, either Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like interviews, or he is genuinely a dodgy geezer running a massive citizen spy network for the CIA.

As Catholics, we understand that if Facebook is to be used as a tool in the process of rounding up dissenters to the new State morality before gassing or starving us to death, then that's just the way its got to be and that we should rejoice because martyrdom is a passport to Heaven.

It is in this spirit that, while we understand just what a potentially evil thing Facebook is, we should enjoy it because it is actually a great deal of fun and while we still have a modicum of free speech, we can use it to spread the Gospel.

Without further ado then. There are a few Facebook groups which you may wish to join.

Transalpine Redemptorists have just set up a Facebook page (They're safe from the New World Order, by the way, because they are in the Orkney Islands...)

There is a Rosary Crusade Facebook page dedicated to the Holy Rosary.

There's a Catholic group called The Inn Catholics.

There's a group called The Catholic Youth.

Last, but by no means least, I've joined a group called Catholic - Universal, which, I must say is excellent.

If you know of any more great Catholic Facebook groups, pop them in the comments box and I'll run along and join them. If we are to face the lions in the arena, better to face them together, right? There is strength in numbers.

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