34 Million Bigots


KL said…
There's a reason why the Government (Tory and Lib Dem) will happily hold a referendum on a non-issue like AV but never on this most crucial of matters.
umblepie said…
I don't believe that 45% of the UK population favour same-sex marriage. The word 'favour' is loaded, probably 'indifferent' is more accurate. 'Favour' is a useful word as it means so much more.

'YouGov's methodology is to obtain responses from an invited group of Internet users, and then to weight these responses in line with demographic information'(Wikipedia)

YouGov is now a multi-national organisation, and who can say what influences are working behind the scenes.
pelerin said…
Someone comments in today's Mail that as Nick Clegg's wife and children are Catholics, does he regard them as bigots too?