Clegg Bigot Blunder

Liberals' beliefs now manifest themselves in zealotry and intolerance...
Liberalism and those who told fast to it believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth.

Liberals believe in freedom, see. Absolute truth would be a great threat to freedom because there would be no diversity of opinion.

A world without diversity of opinion would be like a World without sunshine.

So, you can believe what you like. We're all happy. Until, that is, you disagree with them and they are in power...

Then...behold! A Magisterium, a liberal Decalogue, appears as if out of nowhere, coming down from on high, decrying your opposition to their view point as 'bigotry' on, lo, a range of issues from euthanasia to same-sex marriage.

Don't worry, though, because in the liberal World there can be no God but if there was a God, surely He would smite thee and thy children for not agreeing with the liberal viewpoint! Surely, He would! Wicked bigots! But given that He is not around, let us liberals do His job for Him and smite thee! Wicked, unbelieving sinner! Heretic! Bigot!

Ex-Green Councillor Christina Summers
This is the same vision of 'tolerance, respect and diversity' that has seen a Councillor in Brighton expelled from the party as a Councillor. Don't worry, she can still actually be a Councillor, but she'll have to be an 'independent'. Having signed up to a Green Party pledge on 'equalities' it has been deemed by the Green Party, following an 'investigation' (inquisition) that because Councillor Christina Summers signed this pledge, that her opposition to 'gay marriage' was an inconsistency and ran contrary to 'equalities'. Christina, naturally, maintained that she had signed up to pledge support not to 'gay marriage' but to 'equality' in general.

In liberal minds, failing, as they do, to see a distinction in any general support for equality on one hand and opposition to the redefinition and destruction of marriage on the other, this is a scandal and an outrage and so they removed from Christina her voting rights within the Party and told her to sling her hook (burning her and her religious texts).