David de Rothschild: International Environmentalist and Man of Peace

This guy is comedy gold, but let's not get carried away. Undoubtedly, David de Rothschild's emergence into publicity-accepting dynastic son marks something of a change in the family's history. Daily Mail readers will be aware that he is currently dating pin-up Hollywood star of hit movies such as, 'There's Something About Mary', Cameron Diaz. Good for you, mate.

For years, decades, centuries, the Rothschilds have preferred to remain away from public view for the obvious reason that they are so 'minted' out of oil, gold, diamonds, war and banking crises that they surely considered it best to stay in the castles.

The last few years have seen the Rothschilds being more publicly available to the media in what is surely a change in strategy. David de Rothschild became more public in 2008 on the release of his little book, 'How to Survive Global Warming'. Here he is in 'something must be done' mood...

Salva nos, David, from global catastrophe? Salva nos from David, more like! Spare us, O Lord, from exceedingly wealthy eco-campaigners, for even Al Gore, the 'World's first carbon billionaire', doesn't hold a candle to this guy. Since 2008, global warming has had to be, er, renamed to 'climate change' since it emerged that the 'warming' statistics had, in fact, been exaggerated (well, changed) in order to 'hide the decline'.

Do you recall electing this guy? I don't, but there we go. As an eco-campaigner, I guess he's entitled to his opinion on 'global governance' and the need for the World to come to a 'solution' for the environment's sake.

Here he is talking about how we should go about tackling our 'nature deficiency disorder'. He sounds like a bit of an 'extremist' to me, but, like I say, he's entitled to his opinions. While the 'climate change debate' rolls on thanks to some doggedly investigative journalists and more people become aware of suspected fraud at the heart of the researching community, David considers that 'there is no debate' because while we fiddle, Rome burns.

The real comedy of the situation, however, lies in his heritage. Unbelievably, he seems to think the industrial revolution and the environmental degradation that has come from it is a bad thing, despite the fact that his family have been mining diamonds, gold and I think has had some interests in the oil sector over the years, and, having profited immensely from the whole thing, now wishes his followers to love nature and the environment.

Perhaps David wants to 'redeem' his family's public reputation as the dynasty that in the the 19th century bought the entire British economy following the Battle of Waterloo.

It surprises me not one bit that David de Rothschild is an environmental campaigner, rather than, say, a campaigner against poverty since his family is so unutterably rich that they do not appear in the Forbes list because they dwarf the wealth of all those listed. Nor does it surprise me that David believes that nature is infinitely more valuable than persons. Perhaps, while he's waxing lyrical about how precious (as precious as those metals in which the family has made so much money?) nature is, he might spare a thought for the victims of abortion since, as he rightly says, 'human beings are a species too'. It would not surprise me either if he believed that the interests of human beings had to be sacrificed in some form or other in order for nature to be protected.

Of course, I'm sure he is very well intentioned and only wants what is best for the human 'species' and the environment. My overwhelming feeling is that the man needs to lighten up a little. Hey, David, why not come to Brighton for a visit? One thing, though, I've not much money at the moment so De Beers are on you, I'm afraid. I don't know about you, but I think he'd make a good Carthusian. All in all, one Rothschild who should perhaps have just followed suit and gone into investment banking because I, for one, do not find him very convincing. Say a Ave for him and the whole House.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but I have a feeling that this rugged out-door type and well-heeled 'eco-campaigner' might just be championing the preservation of Mother Earth to the detriment of the vast majority of humans on the planet for the benefit of a powerful banking class, an elite, if you like, of which he is an hereditary member in order to bring the World under a Luciferian regime of total corporate-State control over the individual, the family, reproduction and human consumption. Conspiracy theories are so much more effective when delivered by attractive ladies, I'm sure you'll agree...I tried to hold back, but I couldn't...

In summary, then...