Building Families Show 2013

Yesterday I nipped into a nearby shop to buy a lighter and decided to have a quick flick through Gay Times magazine. I wondered, 'Exactly what does this magazine write about every month' and decided to have a gander. Despite the fact that its pricey, at £4.20, I decided to buy a copy. Above, in the pictures of a double-spread advert emblazoned on pages 4 and 5 of this month's edition, is the reason why.

It is disturbing, this advert, on many levels and for different reasons. Firstly, we know that it IVF, surrogacy and fostering does already occur within gay 'partnerships', so, nothing new there. However, this event, The Building Families Show, is targeted explicitly at the gay community - a gay day in which gay people can come and explore the avenues for 'building families' with surrogacy groups, IVF groups, fertility groups and fostering and adoption groups.

The second reason it is disturbing is that the vast majority of the public do not read Gay Times. The only readers of the Gay Times are, in fact, the gay community themselves. Therefore, this event is not something advertised in your average magazine or newspaper. I have a feeling that if the vast majority of Telegraph readers saw this advert, they would begin to wonder what the World was coming to.

Third, while the gay marriage legislation is evil for so many reasons, this constitutes one of those reasons. In the same-sex marriage legislation that is proposed, children, or the interests of children appear nowhere. The one thing that those who support same-sex marriage never talk about is children because firstly, gay couples cannot achieve pregnancy by natural means (injuring their argument for marriage) and secondly, because I expect they know that the vast majority of British people, while conceding some aspects of gay 'partnerships' in terms of rights, do not want to see the rise of the 'Gay Family' as a rival to 'THE Family'.

In fact, if the militant gay community were honest and said, 'Well, actually, what we see for our future is bringing about a society in which hetersexual and homosexual families live side-by-side in a kind of parallel vision of the family, but which always exist in a certain tension', most British people would drop the political correct dogma and be 'really rather concerned'.

Fourth, exactly where are the interests of the blond haired, blue eyed, genetically almost perfect, adorable bundle of joy served in all this? As far as I can see, the baby pictured in the nappy is being presented as something of a pawn in a game and is most certainly being presented as a commodity. You're in a gay relationship, you want children, you can't have them, we can help and you should come to our event. Yep, you can basically buy a baby from us!

Fifth, let us make no mistake. The idea being presented to the British public that the package of 'gay rights' that lead to 'gay marriage' do not constitute a threat to all of society is garbage - a malicious deception. What is being presented above constitutes a radical rupture from what has constituted the idea of the family down the centuries. The same fundamental idea of the family is still in place today. It is the structure that binds together society, still. What is being destroyed in the homosexual agenda is not just marriage, but also the family. It has been said that if 'gay marriage' comes into force, we need a new word for marriage, but it looks like we would also need a new word for 'family'.

Of course 'gay marriage' affects all of us, because whether you are 'straight' or 'gay', your marriage and your family are affected by the destruction of the meanings of these institutions. Your children in your school will be indoctrinated with the propaganda of the gay community. You, as a parent, will not be able to protest if your child's sex education suddenly becomes a graphic exploration of homosexuality. If you want your child to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, your rights to teach your child this will no longer exist and who knows what, in the future, the penalty for your 'heresy' might be?

And, finally, as liberalism makes its triumphant march through society and considers invading Poland, recall that the hallmark of liberalism is its intolerance of the opposition. Therefore, as any kind of thought, speech or action which denies the Homosexual Magisterium becomes more and more condemned as 'bigotry' - a trend that could escalate into more legislative 'hate speech laws', then the prospect of an Orwellian 'thought police' ruling society becomes more likely.

Therefore, I don't consider it scaremongering to alert readers to the possibility that, in truth, if this gay marriage proposal is not shown the back door pronto, opponents of 'gay marriage' could have their children taken away from them and given to couples who will educate them in the ways of the State's emerging religion of liberal fascism. It sounds absurd and it sounds frightening, but the inherent logic of liberalism and its trend towards the crushing of all opposition suggests that it may be so. We can't have bigots raising children to be bigots, so let's give the children to a nice gay or lesbian couple who will not indoctrinate the children with bigotry. Should we all just emigrate to Poland or stay and fight?

My thoughts...Fight and pray! Fight for true freedom and liberty! Tell the World what is truly at stake here! Freedom itself!


Anonymous said…

I think the LGBT lobby have already got the whole redefinition of family problem covered. I'm coming across more and more articles in magazines and newspapers talking about how much the meaning of family has already changed. 'Family' used to mean mum, dad and children but now we have one-parent families, families where kids have been brought up by a grand-parent(s), families which inlcude step-parents and step-children, familes with adopted children and of course families with two mums or two dads. It won't be anytime before this new and 'diverse' definition of family hits the PHSE syllabuses.

Lou said…
This really does scare me. It has an award attached, so it seems as if people are being incentivised into creating families.
Robert Hagedorn said…
Should the anus be used as a sex organ? Google First Scandal. When you get there, go to the top of the page and click on "Can you explain..." Please note: this website you reach will be deleted on November 1, 2012.
Lynda said…
This is organised evil in action. And there is precious little opposition.