Sunday, 8 January 2012

We are the 40%

40% of all pregnancies are aborted in the Big Apple
40% of all pregnancies in New York are 'terminated'.

Even by modern day standards, that's pretty astonishing, isn't it? The prognosis in terms of making it out of the womb alive in New York is not too far away from 50/50 and yes, its all thanks to 'reproductive healthcare'!

It's about time the promoters and exporters of this flourishing service to humanity were publicly honoured, don't you think? No? Think that's a bit extreme and that abortion is not honourable in the slightest? Think abortion is a bit messy and more than a little tragic?

Well, you must be some deranged, pro-life, nutcase extremist because, as it happens, HRH the Queen has just honoured the woman formerly at the steering wheel of International Planned Parenthood Federation, with a CBE, because, presumably, the denial of the right to life of 40% of unborn New Yorkers alone is something well worth commending. Obviously, we'll omit to mention the 1.4 billion unborn lives taken by IPPF in 2009 alone because that's just the price humanity has to pay for the exceptional quality of women's maternal health provided by this exemplary organisation.

Does our Queen have it in for the Yanks and the Africans or something?  I can't find any other reason for a Christian Monarch to confer such a high honour on an abortionist. We must be at war with America and large swathes of Africa. Perhaps its just a hangover from our colonial past. As this article makes clear Dr Greer's operations in 2009 were based in London so the 'doctor' must have been focussing on the IPPF mission in exporting abortion overseas to developing countries, because the major abortion providers in this country are Marie Stopes and the BPAS. Britannia may not rule the waves but she can still slaughter children in Africa. "Thanks for all the coffee! Here, have some dead babies!"

Not entirely comfortable with abortion? Think abortion is highly regrettable and in general, not an entirely great thing? Well, as a Protestant friend of mine once said to me, "Well, the Queen's Anglican! So there!" Anglican, eh? You don't say.


epsilon said...

And if you're a non-white foetus then you make up 60% of those gonners in New York:(

Dominic said...

The Fount of Honour was sullied long ago. Didn't Her Majesty give a knighthood to Sir Nicholae Ceausescu?

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