The Icons of a hungarian lady who wants to find work in London
Yesterday, from a reader, I received a beautiful Icon of the Theotokos from a reader called Tim.

It is part of what he has called a 'Wandering Madonna' scheme. The idea is that I have this beautiful icon for a while and then send the Icon of the Blessed Mother of God onto someone else and she travels Britain, or, I guess, potentially the World. Nice idea isn't it?

Also, yesterday, I received this email from a Hungarian lady. Her message is as below...

'Welcome! Excuse me. I speak a little english. My name is Molnár Éva. I live in Hungary. I'm 42 old. 28 January 2012. I go to London. I'm holy icon painter. I looking for a work in London. I'd like live in London and I'd like working in London. I looking for some work. Any work undertaken. I'd like paint too. Can you recommend me some job? Can you help me? I'd thank everything help. I send some photo about my work. Thank you very much, if you answer. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.'

Above and below are some images she sent of her work. I know very little about Icons but to this layman's eye her work seems quite beautiful. Does anyone know how we can find her work. I don't think painting and decorating, but perhaps there is some place in London she can sell her beautiful Icons? I know that people are used to receiving scam emails, but icon sales would be a pretty elaborate scam. If anyone knows how we can help her you can email her at pitturaicona@yahoo.com.