"I need an agent"

Well, get one while you have time.

Here in Brighton, I popped into Plan Personnel to ask whether there was any agency work for admin, or, actually, even road sweeping and stuff. No such luck. Oh, whatever happened to the good days, when I could walk into Plan Personnel, tell them I was out of work and they'd slip me into a cushy admin post at the Council. Those days, sadly, are long gone.

In fact, the rather depressed looking lady on reception told me that Plan Personnel was in danger of closing down. She said something about the upcoming EU for temp workers rights legislation being the final nail in the coffin but that the situation even now was critical for both temp workers and recruitment agents.

Reed Employment Agency's main Brighton branch has closed down in recent months. Before that, Select Recruitment Agency closed down. Come to think of it, a friend just told me Kelly Services has just closed down.

Hmm...is anyone noticing a trend here?


Gigi said…
Hi Laurence. I didn't know that Kelly had gone as well! You don't think of the "recession" hitting the employment agencies, but og course the recruiting employers are their clients, not the job seekers. If the agencies are going out of business, I think we can safely say that things are Very Bad Indeed. I've never been unable to find work before. This is very sobering.
Anne said…
I will keep you in my prayers. Anne