Monday, 1 June 2009

'Pro-Life' Murder

Courtesy of BBC News

George Tiller, the US late term abortionist has been shot dead at a Lutheran church in Wichita. Not only can a moral good never be achieved through an evil action, but this news will doubtless be a gigantic set back for the pro-life movement in the US, which may henceforth be painted as a dangerous, near deadly fringe movement, when, in fact, 99.9% of its advocates are just not into murder, full stop. I believe Tiller's clinic in the US was under investigation by the civil authorities. Sadly, an individual has taken matters into his own hands.

Secondly, this senseless murder will create out of a man with an horrendous string of 'late-term abortions' under his belt, a martyr for the abortion cause and industry. If the murderer thought he was doing good, he is sadly mistaken. Not only has a man been killed but I expect the long term result will be an intensification of the Obama administration's 'war on the unborn' and a liberal media backlash against the pro-life movement. Obama's honeyed words of 'reasonable dialogue' [otherwise known as, 'I'll keep them busy talking while you guys kill the babies'] will sound sensible against the backdrop of the pre-meditated homicide of an abortionist. When it comes to abortion, the doctor is the guy doing the 'dirty work'. There is a whole chain of command in the abhorrent abortion industry which takes in politicians, lobby groups, abortion organisations, doctors, nurses - and of course - mothers - for without the consent of mothers no abortions would be taking place.

The suspect is being held by police for questioning. It is not up to us mortals to intervene by taking life through vigilantism. Our Lord's words on the Cross should resonate with us when it comes to the evils of child murder and homicide. "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Our Lord encouraged us to pray for our enemies, for those who hate us and persecute us - That is therefore, what we should do - for our friends, our enemies, the living and the dead, so that none of us should give into the spirit of fratricide and hatred. We must implore God's mercy always, as the Lord did upon the Cross. Holy Mother Church encourages Catholics to pray for the conversion of abortionists so that the bloodshed may end and life may be treated with dignity and respect from conception to death. May God grant the victim of this crime rest, comfort his family and grant repentance to his killer.

See Creative Minority Report for accurate and sensitive reporting of this crime. To that small minority who might seek to justify the perpetrator's crime by defending it on the 'If someone had killed Hitler' school of thought, I would say this. Che Guevara sent his disciples out with guns, ammunition and a revoluntionary zeal for Cuba. Many, many died at their hands. Our Blessed Lord sent His Disciples out preaching Christ Crucified to the people of Israel and beyond, with nothing but the clothes they stood in. Many, many of His Disciples died at the hands of others. Following Che Guevara ended up in killing all who stood in the way of the cause. For the Apostles, following Christ ended up in being killed. We are not called to be God's hit men.

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