Tuesday, 30 June 2009

If only it was a Catholic Church...

Ely Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

St Bartholomew's Church, London Road, Brighton

I was sat on the grass, Providence Place, outside St Bartholomew's Church off London Road yesterday. You can lie on the grass and look up at the Ark like Church that towers over London Road. It is apparently, the tallest Church in Europe. It is a formidable and imposing structure. And then I had a thought...if only it were a Catholic Church! Then I thought of other Churches which are more imposing and beautiful, such as the ones pictured above. I thought...if only they were Catholic Churches! I don't know about St Bartholomews, but all the other ones were definitely nicked by Protestants during the reign of Henry VIII. Why didn't someone at the time say, "Oi! Get your filthy mitts off our Churches!"

I wasn't expecting a call from the Ecumenical Council of Churches anyway...


Elizabeth said...

There's the rub...if the English/Anglicans ever admitted how wrong Henry VIII was, would everyone have to give back the property that was so horribly plundered from the Catholic Church???
Um, don't hold your breath.

Clare said...

I don't think the Catholics would want St Barts even if they could have it. It's a strange dreary place inside, the chairs are so uncomfortable, the acoustics are odd in there and l bet it costs a fortune to heat in the winter. Apart from that it's marvellous l'm led to believe...

I was actually asked to sing there this Sunday but l'm busy unfortunately or else l could have given you the Catholic perspective on a High Anglican mass. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

I think St. Bartholomew's looks really awesome, though I'm sure those issues of heating and acoustics are quite real.

Anonymous said...

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