Monday, 8 June 2009

Lord Falconer is an Assisted Suicide Advocate

Lord Charlie Falconer...Assisting Brown's suicide?

Lord Falconer is a former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. He has written in The Times.

'The Labour Party is disunited. The events surrounding the Cabinet reshuffle over the past few days could not have illustrated that more graphically. As a result we are weakened and distracted, facing the twin crises of the economy and the reduction in public trust in our parliamentary system.

Unity comes, ultimately, from leadership; the party will follow. There will always be people who attack the leader, but the mainstream will follow a clear and decisive direction reflecting the values of the Labour Party.

My view is that the painful step of changing our leader, a leader who has given his life to the Labour Party and to public service, would be best for the party and the country. The choice is for the Prime Minister and the party. I believe that if we change, then we would go into the next election, whenever it was, so much stronger.'

This is the same Lord Falconer who is, according to the same publication, stating his support for...

'...tabling an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill, to be debated in the House of Lords this week, to remove the threat of prosecution to people who travel abroad to help terminally ill relatives commit suicide....

...The former lord chancellor and justice secretary has become the most high-profile Labour figure to call for a change in the law to ensure that families who accompany their loved ones overseas to euthanasia clinics do not risk prosecution.'

Publicly, at least, PM Gordon Brown has made clear his reticence to change any law on assisted suicide. Could there be a link between Lord Falconer's movement away from Brown and a keen desire to see a new leader installed with 'fresh ideas'...such as pro-euthanasia laws? Well you may say that but doubtless he couldn't possibly comment. Or maybe he's just peeved with Brown like so many other people. I'm sure that failing a successful 'voluntary resettlement' programme for asylum seekers and immigrants, the BNP might be up for a little bit of euthanasia now and then as well.

Anyway, you can lobby against this amendment here.

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