Saturday, 6 June 2009

Obama is 'Sort of God'

H/T Creative Minority Report

I see. So that's not, 'Son of God', that's 'sort of God'. Welcome to the new, Holy Roman Emperor-style, pseudo-divinity, celestial missionary, 'highly evolved leader', 'superman', phase of Obama's term in office. If he's 'sort of God', then how come The One hasn't managed to reduce the staggering rates of unemployment, murder, civil strife, marital breakdown, war, abortion, poverty, disease, social havoc and mass ranks of people losing their homes in the foreclosure crisis, while the economic cataclysm continues to engulf the World?

Or is Obama the 'sort of God' who doesn't actually end suffering in the World, or bring the peace he claims, but just to smile, say 'Yes we can!', look good in a suit and be devilishly charismatic while instituting policies which will ravage whole communities. Not sure he's the sacrificial Victim 'sort of God' either. Most importantly, is he the 'sort of God' who still allows us our actual God-given free will and dignity? I guess he is that 'sort of God'...but only for a short while. Usually men who become so influential with a gigantic cult of personality and a 'sort of God', semi-divine status bolstered by gratuitous fibbing and sycophancy in the media propaganda machine end up killing millions and then themselves. Worth remembering that next time Obama is given a ridiculous piece of, 'He's not a naughty boy, he's the Messiah!' spin in the liberal news media.

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