TLM Post Translated into German

If you want to read that post on my first impressions of the Latin Mass at St Mary Magdalen's, only this time in German, click here. Thanks Michael Charlier, glad you liked it. Good Lord, nobody's ever translated anything I've written into any other language until today. Now its in German maybe the Holy Father will read it and make me his Vatican enforcer, crushing heresy through the power of the blog. I'll be known as 'God's Jack Russell.'


Fr Ray Blake said…
Well done!
If only our Church looked like that!
I know Father...let's keep praying for it!
Barbara said…
Dear Bones That You Have Crushed ...I hope you don't mind...but I liked your post so much on the TLM at St. Mary Magdelan's, that I sent it to my confessor in Venice ...because it reflected so well MY first experience of the TLM. He liked it too..and I ENJOY your blog a lot. Keep up the good work. Kind regards,

Barbara, Venice, Italy

P.S. I enjoy Father Blake heaps, too! You can tell him for me...
Wow, that's great! Thanks for the compliment Barbara. God bless

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