Accosted by Raging Protestant

On my way to St Mary Magdalen's to do the admin I was accosted by a young man named Stephen who invited me to a talk called, "Evolution: Fact or Fiction" and wanted to give me a flyer for it. I refused politely saying, "Thank you, but I'm Catholic and I listen to the Church." Oh boy! He didn't like that at all! He proceeded to wax lyrical about salvation through being "born again" and through the reading the Bible. Having half an hour earlier prayed the peace prayer of St Francis, I was in no mood for a fight, but he held me for a good five or six minutes trying to persuade me of the error of my ways.

Key themes included:

1) There is only one mediator between God and man and that is Jesus Christ. There is therefore no reason for a Priesthood, Cardinals, Pope, Bishops and Clergy.

2) There is no need for Sacraments when you are 'born again,' because it is a "new life in Jesus."

3) There is no need to pray to the Virgin Mary and the Saints because that's not in the Bible.

4) Because of the terrible heresy of belonging to the Catholic Church and not being 'born again', my punishment will be eternal damnation.

5) There is nothing in the Bible about Sacraments, the Papal Supremacy and the Catholic Church or anything for which the Catholic Church stands.

I told him that the World needs a Holy Arbiter and Interpreter of Sacred Scripture, otherwise any man could come up with his own interpretation. I did cite Christ's breathing on the Disciples and giving them the power to forgive sins and Christ's giving of the keys to St Peter but he really wasn't having it.

He was very, very concerned for my soul, bless him and was desperate to rescue my arse from the pit of destruction. Having hung out with a few protestants recently, I am seriously considering a tattoo for the first time in my life. I'm thinking of a black ink, in Times New Roman font on my forehead, simply saying, "Sinner." This way, I'll attract hoards of protestants to me who I can then gently but firmly admonish concerning their heresy. Tell you what though, give them an inch and they'll take a country mile. Having been told of my eternal fate with the damned, I said, "God bless you" and left him to go about his business. Poor lamb, I'd imagine someone less patient is going to belt him one.

For a good blogsite on Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, click here.

St Stephen, Proto-martyr of the Church and his Holy Patron, pray for us.


Ottaviani said…
If only Catholics had the same zeal...

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