Friday, 23 January 2009

God Help Us All

A friend of mine called Michael handed me this the other day, his thoughts on the importance of the kind spirited people who run soup runs for the homeless and what life would be like without them.

I met an old lady the other day on Victoria station, in the freezing cold, collecting for the Passage, the local hostel for the homeless. We exchanged a few words and I was on my way and it set me thinking, 'What happens to the homeless and those less fortunate, when those old ladies and gentlemen who give so much of their time and energy, can no longer carry on? I do hope there is a place in Heaven reserved especially for them - the special ones!

If their legions deplete it is the whole of society that will suffer - not just the buttie and soup runs and the kind words that lift us out of the doledrums - these unsung heroes - carers without reward - should that tradition be lost, then so are we all.

Are they a dying breed or are there more coming through?

Because God help us all if there's not!


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