Thursday, 29 January 2009

On Prayer

"I must spend some time in prayer this morning...I'll just check my blog, oh how exciting a comment...nice one...S**t, I've left my car down the road, bloody traffic wardens, still haven't paid the last two, better move it...right back, time for some OJ, hmm delicious...right...must say my prayers...look at all that washing up, better do it...right, prayers...Oh, I'll just check Father's blog, oh that's interesting, what about Damien Thompson's, ah same old same old...need a fag, can't believe I'm still smoking through the flu...right, back, must say my prayers, oh but I need a cup of tea, I'll have a cup of tea then say my prayers, yes siree, any minute now, just have a nice cup of tea...lovely stuff, oh I need another fag...right back...Oh my, would you credit it a red wine stain on my desk, s**t, that must have been there for ages, that looks awful, just clean that up and say my prayers...oh my, better have a shower, I feel right groggy, like death...right, shower done...oh my would you credit it? I haven't had lunch yet, lucky I got that soup in yesterday I feel awful, couldn't bear to go out again, yes carrot soup, that'll be good for my cold...need another fag, just have this fag and then I'll say my prayers...oh look, that icon would look much better there, yes, oh that's sweet...just check my bank balance, oh holy s**t, I am so to get a job, got to...s**t forgot to clean my teeth...right, oh the post, do I have a letter, do I? do I? No. Nothing, not even a frigging bill, nobody loves me...God, I'm feeling horny, no I shouldn't, oh ...Oh no, I've done it again, I'm such a wretch, O Lord, have mercy, I can't face prayer now, not in this state...if only I'd said my prayers this morning...and on...and on...and on..."

There's nothing quite like a stream of consciousness to remind me how useless I am. I remember the Penny Catechism saying as soon as we wake we should get up, dress modestly and say our prayers. As you can see, if you don't do that endless faffing may be the result. O Christian, beware of faffing, it is the enemy of your soul and an obstacle to your salvation!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lawrence! And here I haven't said my rosary yet today! I don't ask much of my own stupid self, just the rosary, to write in the morning (not email or blog!!!), and to exercise. But do I? Ha. Although in truth I'm more likely to get the rosary in than the other two. I like to say the rosary, actually. I do it free style, no beads in the hand, and sometimes I forget where I am and have to start a decade over, but it ends up I'm praying much more, because at least I keep the feeling of closeness to our Lady and our Lord.

Our father's sermon Sunday was on prayer. He said effective prayer had four characteristics: humility, confidence, persistence, and resignation to the will of God. I have had several instances recently of prayers being answered rather dramatically, as if God were right there just hanging on my every word, waiting for me to just ask. This does give one more confidence! (Although one answer started out with one of my sons losing his job! And yet over the next two weeks, way better doors opened for him, I don't mean just materially.)

Dear heart, I will pray for you today. Say your prayers anyway, now, see if you don't feel better. And of course if the I in this piece is more fact than fiction, well, you know what you must do.

Do you think we might still blog in heaven?

The Bones said...

I hope so! Thank you for your heartfelt comment. It was a 'rough' guide to my existence. Without prayer we can do nothing...with prayer anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, get well soon! Get in the echinacea, propolis, vitamin C and zinc. Whisky, ginger wine and hot lemon and honey is also good (purely medicinal of course!)When you are better, go for a nice long walk to blow away the cobwebs.

I find that to make sure I don't forget to pray, I do so as soon as I wake up & as soon as I go to bed. Like Jan, I have found lately that my prayers have been answered, for others, and also for myself. To name but a couple; I prayed that Helen's baby would be ok, and he was, and when I left my old job in fashion, I prayed I would find a job working with animals (St. Francis was also included in my prayers!) and I did. Even better, it's working outdoors. Praise the Lord!

Anyway, I will, as usual include you in my prayers, and I hope you will soon feel better.

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