Jesus Christ is Not 'One of the Prophets'

I found it interesting in today's Gospel that, among those standing around the Lord Jesus Christ when He asked 'Who do people say that I am?' 'they said', among other things, 'one of the prophets'.

I found this striking because of the time in which we are living. Plainly put, Islam, and presumably its fanatical adherents now making mincemeat out of Christians in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere, professes that Jesus is 'one of the prophets'. Looking back, the Lord Jesus was wise to wait for another answer but for that one because it appears that holding onto the view that Our Lord was 'one of the prophets' should come with a health and safety warning for those around the one who espouses it. It is a lie from the father of lies.

Those who said at the time stood before Our Lord and suggested that He was 'one of the prophets' were quite plainly and simply wrong. Our Lord waits for the right answer and receives it for he who was to become His Vicar on Earth who speaks for the whole Church. Islam, on the other hand, maintains the heresy that Our Lord is 'one of the prophets'. Yes, that is a heresy, because Islam is a religion invented after the first coming of Our Lord and Saviour.

The Muslims are wrong. We should not have to hide this truth nor apologise for saying it. St Peter, in answering infallibly for the whole Church, was and is right. Jesus is truly 'the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah, the Saviour of the World'. The last of the prophets is St John the Baptist, the forerunner and herald of the Lord made flesh. That's the 'end of the line' for biblical prophets. Therefore, the messenger made known by the religion of peace is not only redundant but entirely unnecessary. The entire message of Islam can be very easily dismissed and ignored, if only its current emissaries would leave Christians alone and in peace. Christ has spoken and 'It is accomplished' and He warned His followers of false prophets who would come with a different message to that which He preached.

Today, inside of Islam and outside of it too, we are seeing very vividly the fruits of those who believe that Jesus Christ is 'one of the prophets - in other words, an ordinary man, even an ordinary, but holy man inspired by God. It is this idea, this falsehood, that is leading so many into error and death, this error, this heresy for which those who believe in Christ's Lordship, but not they alone, are paying the ultimate price.


Anonymous said…
When involved in lay apostolate with Moslems (who actually loved Our Lady...they called her Miriam)we would point out that if Our Lord Jesus Christ was, as Moslems say, "only a prophet" then He was a false prophet since he claimed to be God
Celia said…
Well said. One of the favourite comments of liberal Catholics (after 'Islam is a peaceful religion') is 'They respect Jesus'. I always point out that they don't, they reduce him to the merely human which is blasphemous (a word Muslims are very fond of in other contexts).
It's also often necessary to point out that Islam is a post-Christian religion, which many don't realise and that given that Christ is God's final revelation Islam has absolutely no validity.
viterbo said…
interesting post. I once started a 'deepen your faith course' in my diocese. the whole thing was sad new age anti-truth doctrination. the main text was by this chap:

he went on and on about the evils of 'Christ the King' and the 'goods' of the 'prophet'. needless to say I quit.

p.s. off topic very interesting radio talk about war/fatima/and false flag operations:

' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and the Current Situation'. the post is up till 31st August.

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