The Gloria Patri and the Consideration of the Martyrs

Courtesy of the Little Office of Our Lady

'A praiseworthy practice is to incline the head when pronouncing these words [the Gloria Patri]...One day when St Magdalen of Pazzi bent herself thus, with more than ordinary earnestness, one of her Sisters inquired the reason of this observance. "It is," she replied, "a practice I have, through my confessor, to offer my life to the Holy Trinity in bowing my head at the Gloria Patri as if I were presenting it to the executioner to suffer martyrdom."'

How relevant to our times this little quote seems now, for so many Christians in the World. What for St Magdalen was a pious devotion is for these the reality that they now face.


Pelerin said…
I have always done this automatically for as long as I can remember although I do not remember ever being told of the significance.

It just seemed right to acknowledge the Trinity in this way. This however gives a whole new meaning to the action - thank you.
Lepanto said…
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Unknown said…
Nice, I will start doing that.

Seattle Kim

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