How to Respond to a Disastrous Synod on the Family...

1.  Don't be angry when the proverbial hits the fan. Best not to complain. Know what I mean?

2. Instead of getting angry, spend some time with the poor. It's a great distraction from the collapse of the Faith.

3. Stay calm and proceed calmly. Don't worry or fret. The Holy Spirit has spoken. Trust me on this, I know what I'm talking about.

4. Instead of being resentful and angry, consider a walk in the park instead. After all, its a lovely day, the birds are singing etc.

5. Look after your family. Don't worry, we're looking after the Church.

6. Think about it, you could be doing something useful instead, like employing young people to wash your car.

7. And remember to do the recycling.

8. Above all, don't be negative.

9. Respect the views of Cardinals Maradiaga and Walter Kasper. They've as much right to spout their heresies as you have Catholic doctrine.

10. Come on, people! Chill out and make peace! Cheer up, it might never happen!


Tereze Avila said…
Oh, how right you are... Bones, please NEVER GIVE UP!!! STAY ON LINE AND PUBLISH EVEN IF THEY WILL TRY TO RIDICULE YOU... because it will happen. They are changing our Catholic Church and people are clapping like sometimes fools without understanding that SELL OFF OF JESUS CHRIST IS HAPPENING...

When I try to say something I am called immediately by clergy the divider of the Church, pope hater and disobedient, poisoned by the rebellion etc... There is no more need nor ear for healthy questions just asking WHERE IS JESUS CHRIST IN ALL OF THESE???
Unknown said…
Luv #9.

Seattle K
Unknown said…

Donde Jesus indeed! Just straighten your right, bring it out perpendicular to your body and repeat " Heil Jorge!"

I am feeling so liberated after speaking with an awesome sedevacantist priest!

Seattle kim
Jacobi said…
My suggestion for response to the Synod is that we all stop being nice, and tactful, and evasive, and Relativist.

This approach over the past 50 years has produced potentially the biggest disaster to hit the Catholic Church since the Arian heresy.

No, we must now, faithful laity, and faithfull clergy, and, incidentally, faithful bishops, speak out clearly, concisely and without any ambiguity concerning the Church's doctrine and teaching on adultery being a mortal sin, reception of Holy Communion being only for those in a State of Grace, and Marriage being indissoluble.

If anyone does not accept that then they can leave the Church. It is a free world after all. We are free to accept or reject Christ's teaching.
viterbo said…
And here's the Catholic top ten tips:
Anonymous said…
No. 11 Remember to wash behind your ears before going to bed.
No. 12. Don't forget your teddy-bear.

Elizabeth said…
This guy is just head-exploding embarrassing, disgraceful.
Elizabeth said…
@viterbo: Thanks for providing the link to sanity. Real Catholic Top Ten Tips, amen.
Unknown said…
13. Floss!!

Seattle kim
Wake up England said…
Dear Bones,

Protect the Pope Blog's

Deacon Nick Donnelly is back on the air at "All Along the Watchtower" blog.

I have it on the Best Possible Authority that this is to be a permanent arrangement

Isn't this Good News?

Wake Up England
viterbo said…
@Elizabeth. Music (well the good stuff) is from God, God is good. (p.s. never could get into the joplin version of this (sounds like a jack russel has just smoked a hundred cigarettes). RIP.
viterbo said…
oops - commented wrongly on the wrong post - you'd neve think I'd spent most of my nine to fives editing and proof-reading. That'll learn me for switching between too many pages at once. Feel free not post this or the aforementioned comment Mr Bones, but it's up to you. If you do post, apologies to Elizabeth - see the beatitudes of bergoggoggolio post and the musical intermission.
Anonymous said…
Hi there Wake Up England! That's great news! Spread the word. God bless. Lynda
Nicolas Bellord said…
Wake up England: Can you give us a link to the website or am I missing some irony?
Kristin LA said…
Laurence, if you don't already read you should. Actually, you should be writing for them. Great traditional Catholic magazine.

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