St John Paul II Defeated Communism... a phrase we hear a lot.

He was certainly instrumental in its collapse but not the collapse of the
Freemasonry that gave it to the World. Communism was a child of Freemasonry and Freemasonry is still very much alive and kicking outside and inside the Church.

For one man - even a great and holy Pope - to defeat Freemasonry would be a tall order indeed, since they form a secretive anti-Church, a mystical body of anti-Christ, the counter Church.

The defeat of the sons of Satan will be the victory of the Immaculate.


viterbo said…
i thought communism was still spreading its errors. a little more subtley or perhaps we've just grown used to them.

James said…
Beautifully said. De Maria, nunquam satis
Patricius said…
I remember the evening of Pope St John Paul II's election. I was alone in my bedsit listening to the news on the Radio but could not but exclaim aloud, "WHAT will the Kremlin make of this?"
It was God's work but I feel sure that both the fact of Pope John Paul's election and his personality were crucial in inspiring the Polish people and many others behind the Iron Curtain. In a few short years the world order we had grown up with and which had seemed so fixed and intractable had been turned upside down.
Anonymous said…
It's been "mainstreamed", and is even more virulent.