Happy Feast of St Catherine of Siena

Before people message me to tell me how offensive this joke post is (I've already had one complaint) I am of course not comparing Pope Francis to the Emperor Nero. That would be absurd in the extreme. The joke is that Nero blamed everything bad, including the burning down of Rome, on the Christians, who were made into the perfect scapegoats for the follies of Rome. Of course, we do, because of our sins, play our part in a fallen world, as well as a world redeemed by the Blood of Christ. Francis, while of course nothing like the Emperor Nero, has a forte in letting rip into Christians, as this little online compilation attests. If you put all of Francis's insults together in one large paragraph, you get an impressive little stream of bile that wouldn't be completely out of place in ancient Rome...especially the one about the bats! Basically, I take the Pope's words on the chin, we could all be 'better Christians' but the joke is that Christians haven't received this much criticism since Nero.


On the subject of aggressive, insulting bores, have you seen this morning's post by Fr Ray Blake, Laurence? Sheds some more light on the "Fr. John" who has been threatening you recently!
The Bones said…
Could it be the same person?

That would explain much!
Anonymous said…
I wondered the same thing. In any case, you should get verification from your "Fr John" as to his true identity, and if a priest, where located, etc. I don't think you should publish his comments that oppose the Deposit of Faith or falsely attack you. God bless.
Assuming you have access to the e-mail information of the posters on your blog, it may be worth cross-referencing with Fr Ray to check.

But the tone and invective are so similar, I would be very surprised if it was not the same guy. He has been stalking loads of Catholic blogs recently.
Joe Potillor said…
Probably the same person
Fr John said…
I've already said on this blog that I am not the same Fr John mentioned in Fr Ray's blog. I've never taught in a seminary or met Fr Ray in my life. Neither is there any reason to believe so as I have not personally attacked anybody or used foul language. John is a very common name, particularly among western Christians. I have also made no threats and to suggest so is libel / slander!
Unknown said…
Anybody can claim to be a religious on the net. I am, in fact, Sister Bertrille of the Convent San Tanco in Puerto Rico and I can ......fly!!

Seattle Kimmy
Anonymous said…
Defamation cannot arise in respect of a person whose identity is unknown - without identification with an actual known person, there is no good name to protect.