Silenced, Banned, Censured, Barred...

...are presumably just a few of the things one 'Fr John' would like to see happen to me. "Shut your cake hole, you troublemaker" is about the crux of it.

As readers know, I did indeed take a period of abstinence from blogging a while ago, which I have much appreciated. I feel refreshed and am basking in the joy of our great Mother of Feasts, the Easter Octave! I've still been keeping up with Church affairs and am quite exhausted after the Sacred Tridiuum.

I really did not like Pope Francis's 'Stations of the Cross'. Why do people compose Stations that constantly talk about social injustice, but little of personal sin and the consequences, as if personal, actual sin has no implications for society as well as the soul? It may be your cup of tea, but I'll stick with St Alphonsus.

'Fr John', however, will be at least glad to hear that, taking seriously His Holiness Pope Francis's exhortation to go out 'to the peripheries' and to endeavour in the spirit of the Gospel to render service to the poor, I have incurred the displeasure of a homeless hostel in Brighton, from which I have been banned.

Brighton's mysterious West Pier, after which the hostel is named
West Pier Project, a Council ran temporary emergency housing establishment in the heart of the city centre, has, I am informed in person by the staff on the reception, barred me from entry, following their discovery of the above video which I filmed of a friend who lives in the hostel explaining living conditions and the astonishing rental fee charged by the West Pier Project for his living there. This video I posted on my blog, The Eye of a Needle.

I asked them whether it was illegal for me to film an interview with a friend in his room and they maintained that it was, so it looks like I'll need a lawyer. Having been told I was no longer welcome to visit my friend Daryl, who let's face it, doesn't receive many visitors as things stand, because I had basically exposed something the West Pier would rather not be brought to light (quite what that is, I was not told) I had time only to wish Daryl happy birthday, smoke a fag with him outside the hostel and go to work.

So take heart, 'Fr John', its not just you who wants me to stop blogging, its also those who exploit the misery and destitution of the poor for personal gain, who extort from the poor exhorbitant housing benefit charges in rent in order to fill their pockets and live in luxury, since, I was told by a worker that the building is privately owned and we can therefore safely assume that the rental money of nearly £200 a week goes to the owner. They don't seem to do much to improve the building. Only a week or two ago another man I know there tried to open a window and had to go to hospital because a window pane fell out and sliced his hand open. The staff kindly paid for a taxi, but you should have seen the guy's hand. It was a total mess. I told him he should sue.

I asked the staff member who the owner of the property was, but was not given a name. The team member denied knowledge of such information. Perhaps the staff do not know who owns the property. You can bet Brighton and Hove City Council, however, do!

May God bless our Pope who calls us to serve the poor and to highlight and expose the injustices that take place in their regard...just like the last Pope on many occasions, also did! May the Blessed Virgin Mary pray for the poor and homeless of Brighton and aid us to defend their dignity. May the Lord embolden His Holiness, too, to preach the fullness of the Faith, 'in season, and out of season' while encouraging those working closely with him, such as Cardinal Mardiaga, Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Sean O'Malley and all who are privileged to enjoy the ear of the Pope in the 'G8', unyielding fidelity to the truth, charity, wisdom, prudence and zeal for the Salvation of souls.


Anonymous said…
That's a shocker - two hundred pounds a week! I own a one bed rental on the outskirts of west London and the PCM is 500. It has views, a balcony and the complex has a private inner court yard. Exploitation. Keep up the kind works. As for exploitation, some prelates like to drag the poor and disabled out of their rooms to show the world how wonderful they are before they return to their super rich unpapal residences, still paid for by the Faithful. Exploitation. It takes a dead conscience.
Unknown said…
As to the Stations----the meditations this year were written by a presider at clown Masses---Archbishop Bregantini. I'm just glad his meditations didn't require Pope Francis to wear an appropriately ''sad' clown face.-------Kim in seattle
Unknown said…
P.S. say hi to Daryl for me.----Kim in seattle
Hughie said…
I had a quick look at the local council's website and can find no reference to the West Pier Project. However I am not all that hot when it comes to using computers but I DID find this:

Brighton & Hove, Homelessness Strategy, 2008 – 2013
Under the signature of Cllr Mary Mears, Chairman, Housing Committee


Scroll downto Page 8/40


In order to realise our vision, we have agreed the following 5 strategic objectives to tackle homelessness in Brighton & Hove:

1. Provide housing and support solutions that tackle homelessness and promote the health and well-being of vulnerable adults."

Like many of my recent choice of horses: Fell at the first hurdle!
Lepanto said…
You should be able to get info. about the owner of the property from the Land Registry site for a small fee (£4?). It will no doubt be a company but you can then get directors' names from Companies House site and this could be interesting (but possibly detrimental to your well being and your friend's housing situation).