Monday, 6 May 2013

Good Counsel’s Annual Wandsworth to Wapping Sponsored Walk

The Good Counsel Network are in urgent need of raising funds. Yet again this year they have broken all previous records for the number of pregnant women, planning to have an abortion, that they have counselled. This number has been rapidly increasing every year for a few years now.

This means that they have been graced with the opportunity to counsel more Mothers than ever before and with the help of God save a greatly increased number of innocent unborn lives. This is very happy news, but means that their finances are stretched further than ever before.

When the Good Counsel Network are counselling women in order to help them to choose life for their child they offer them all the emotional, practical and moral support which is necessary for them to have the confidence to continue with their pregnancy. The emotional and moral support can take up hours of their time but in general does not cost very much. The practical support is much harder, and can include accommodation/help with rent, direct financial help to provide essentials such as food and clothes, legal advice, travel assistance to get to doctors/midwives appointment and more.

This is a huge burden upon them but it is vital that they are able to continue to offer this to all of the pregnant Mothers they see. This year, then, sees the Annual WANDSWORTH TO WAPPING SPONSORED WALK which is approximately 13 Miles long and is on Saturday July 20th (starting with Mass at 10am and finishing at approximately 4pm with drinks and refreshments) and we want to get as many people as possible to join them and raise sponsorship for their lifesaving work.

For more details please see their website.

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I spy Father Martin in a rather natty hat.

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