Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Royal Society: It Blogs

The Royal Society's HQ at 6-9 Carlton House Terrace
Well, thankfully, despite raising the tension over the over 300 year old Royal Society and suggesting that the institution has been at the forefront of the social re-engineering of the United Kingdom towards a eugenic dystopia in which all but a select class will be rendered highly limited in their reproduction, don't worry, because its really not a conspiracy at all.

No. They're quite open about it really.

You can read the blogs posted by The Royal Society. They really do hammer home the point that this Society, dominated throughout history by eugenics advocates of one kind or another, still to this very day is interested in the same Malthusian prophecies that concerned Fellows from before Darwin and beyond.

For evidence of this, try reading The Royal Society's blogs. Latest blog posts include such riveting reads as:

And here's one for Tina Beattie...

Want to keep up to date with what the Society is promoting in the fast-moving world of science and human embryolgy? Why not try.. which Chankdrika Nair of the BBSRC tells us in quite matter of fact manner...

'In his speech at the Royal Society last week, George Osborne picked out Regenerative Medicine as one of eight future technologies in which he thought the UK could be world-leading.
The Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall at The Royal Society
Earlier this month, the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council (MRC) announced a £12.75 million initiative to create a catalogue of high-quality iPSCs. iPSCs have regenerated hope in the field, especially for their potential uses in disease modelling, drug discovery and toxicity tests. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that iPSCs incur more aberrations in differentiation than hESCs. There may therefore be a case for continuing research efforts into all types of stem cells, as it remains to be seen which route will ultimately be the most effective for clinical use. The debate surrounding the morality of embryonic stem cell research is likely to continue, though perhaps it may be influenced by techniques that do not require the destruction of an embryo, such as the creation of embryonic stem cell lines from discarded IVF blastocysts that would otherwise be discarded as waste.'

So, that's population hysteria and Brave New World institutional reproductive and pharmaceutical megalomania covered. Next: Apocalypic climate change concerned population tyranny. Check! It seems to be another obsession on the Society blogs, especially in the wake of the climate change focused 'People and the Planet' report .

Or for more hysteria over climate change, why not read:

Can human beings be 'enhanced' to create a more productive workforce? Sounds a bit creepy, but let's talk about it anyway, why not? After all, 'pre-conceived philosophies' and 'orthodoxies' are so boring...

A small protest outside The Royal Society
A bit outlandish? Well, you're just being dogmatic.

As we know, these are fraught times in which populations wonder just what Mother Earth is going to do next in vengeance at us for our over-consumption. Could we combat global warming or cooling by a process of 'geoengineering'? Don't know, sounds a bit freaky and a bit above man's station, but, hey, we are 'obedient to no master's words' so let's try and change public opinion on the matter and do it anyway!

Keeping up with the Society's tradition of talking to oppressive regimes who murder their own people and deprive them of their own freedom and sharing scientific ideas with them, as they did with the Soviet Union, how about...

Worried this Society is a little too close to Government? Don't be. For a week every year they are actually in Government as part of a kind of foreign exchange initiative in which Royal Society Fellows do MPs jobs for a week and MPs, presumably, spend the day in the lab, knock off early and go straight to their second homes for a nice gin and game of Scrabble with their advisors. As of 2010, to date more than 200 MP-scientists pairs have taken part.

And, have you ever wondered whether neuroscientists could manipulate British soldiers to forget nasty memories of war and to fight better? 

Have you wondered whether these same scientists could come up with methods in order to, through chemical and 'sensory' means in 'military applications', destroy the morale of the enemy. Well, you'll be glad to hear that the guys at the Society are psychopaths as well.

Let's hope this isn't being considered for 'domestic purposes':

Like I said, there's no conspiracy here, because as you can see, these guys are pretty honest about the whole project(s). Thank God this Society has nothing to do with the BBC. Oh wait! The BBC nature documentaries are presented by 'human population + climate = doom' fear-mongerer and super-charged birth control advocate, David Attenbrough, honorary Fellow of the Society.

CERN, Geneva: Inaugurated in 1960 and linked to The Royal Society
Funnily enough, I read an interview with Attenbrough in a BBC magazine while I was waiting at the dentist recently to have a tooth extracted.

He was asked something like whether he thought birth control should be 'compulsory' to 'save the planet'. His reply was a little creepy. He responded by saying, "It would be better if people could be persuaded to use it" or words to that effect, when a simple, "No" would surely have sufficed.

In general, I have some concerns about The Royal Society, as you can probably tell, because they seem to indulge a scientific agenda without recourse to anything we had hitherto understood as objective morality. In fact, they appear to positively excel in this painfully amoral scientific pursuit.

It also seems that The Royal Society and The Wellcome Trust are joined at the hip. It's worrying, therefore, that a Society whose illustrious history is dominated by advocates of eugenics, then and now, is so linked with The Wellcome Trust's massive Human Genome Project for the United Kingdom.

Let's hope this Royal Society don't have too many links with IBM.

As a London blogger says:

'One of the great London rumours is that somewhere inside the Royal Society’s building on Carlton House Terrace sits a giant swastika. This is not because these esteemed scientists and thinkers are secretly Hitler-worshipping fascists, but because their home at Nos 6-9 was the location of the German Embassy (at Nos 8-9) during the pre-war Nazi era. Carlton House Terrace was designed by John Nash between 1827-1832 to occupy a site previously taken by Carlton House. No 9 almost immediately became the seat of the Prussian Legation, which slowly evolved into the German Embassy. In the spirit of the time, it soon expanded to occupy the house next door at No 8. In 1936, Joachim von Ribbentrop moved in, replacing the late Ambassador Leopold von Hoesch (whose dog’s gravestone can be seen under a tree near the Duke of York steps). Von Ribbentrop demanded a complete renovation of the property, and the Nazi’s top architect, Albert Speer, was called in to do the job.'

A bittersweet irony. The Royal Society moved into 6-9 Carlton House Terrace in 1967. One fellow moves out and a new bunch of Fellows move in to ensure his legacy endures. Say a prayer. These guys do not, if the roll call of its Fellows is anything to go by, give a flying one about the welfare of the human race. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Physiocrat said...

It is claimed that the Royal Society was founded by Freemasons - Boyle, Newton prominent amongst them.

Moderate Fundamentalist said...

The first picture is a picture of the Anthenaeum Club on Pall Mall, not the Royal Society, which is this building here.

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