It's People Like This Who Give Peter Tatchell a Good Name...

Of course, God wants the Ugandan Government to kill as many homosexuals as they can.

Isn't that just what Christmas is all about?

I haven't personally been involved in any same-sex relationships for a considerable period of time now, but I guess if I were Ugandan this blogger might be dead by now.


I have come to respect Tatchell over the years. His refusal of a life peerage and his defence of the preacher arrested in Cumbria for speaking against homosexuality on a biblical basis point to a principled man, whether or not we agree with all of his opinions.
Patricius said…
I believe that at one time people in Uganda were put to death for NOT engaging in homosexual activity. Plus Ça change!
KYpapist said…
Exactly right, Patricius. In 1886St. Charles Lwanga and the Ugandan Martyrs were executed by the king for refusing his homosexual advances. He was after the young court pages and St. Charles helped them be firm in rejecting the king and welcoming martyrdom. Some of those executed were Anglicans and, although not canonized, they were mentioned and praised by Pope Paul VI when the Martyrs of Uganda were raised to the altar. Joanna Bogle did an excellent broadcast on this topic for EWTN. We need to be praying to these saints (some very young) to help us stay strong in the coming persecution of the Church by homosexual/lesbian activists.