Monday 26 November 2012

Dissenting Bitter Pill Correspondent Mickens in US Talk on 'My Church'

I challenge readers to watch this for longer than five minutes without reaching for a sick bag or smashing up their computer monitor. This is the guy who wept when Benedict XVI was made Successor of St Peter. Presumably, that's because despite his hatred of the 'institutional Church', he sees the Papacy as the Office which could turn the Catholic Church into a loyal sister of the Anglican Communion.

The Vatican is imploding, right? Funny that because I was under the impression that Tablet sales are down year upon year and that it is The Tablet which is heading into oblivion. Incredibly, this man is so blinded by the half century of fifth columnist liberals who have laid waste to parishes and dioceses around the World, in all sectors of the Church's mission, that he has the audacity to point to the Successor of St Peter and the Vatican in terms of blame, because, obviously, the Church isn't liberal enough to maintain its 'relevancy' to the people.

I expect that publications like The Tablet have played no small part in the process of creating an astonishingly uncatechised laity over the past half century and that Mickens can claim at least some credit for the apostasy we have witnessed. It is to liberals and the indifferentism preached by liberals that we can attribute the decline in numbers coming forward for the Priesthood. He talks of the Church and the Vatican 'imploding' as if he isn't a figure on the 'inside' working towards this end! Bobby. Put the sledgehammer down and if you don't like the fact that 'your Church' isn't heading in the direction you want, there is an exit door in every parish. Nobody is forcing you at gun point back to the porch, but then, I suppose that your ample wages come from being a 'Catholic' so you wouldn't consider it!

Don't you just love the way that, like a bible-bashing Protestant, Mickens goes to Scripture to discredit the hierarchical structure of the Church! Show me the bit, Bobby, where Our Lord says, 'Thou art Bobby, and upon this columnist I shall build my Church!'


vetusta ecclesia said...

The audience look pretty unenthused before he starts!

BJC said...

In the end we have to ask what does Bobbie believe? What doctrines does he subscribe to? This is the nine-tenths of the iceberg that he and his fellow liberal travellers don't want to discuss. To discuss it would be to immediately reveal them for the fraudsters they are.

Interesting that he's an ex-seminarian from the 80's. He just had to be didn't he.

Kevin said...

Please note that on YouTube, where this video came from, Jo Siedlecka: awarded the title of 'Catholic Woman of the Year 2012' left the following message:-

Very thoughtful, balanced talk. Thank you Robert,

Jo Siedlecka

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