Our Dearly Beloved NHS

Here in Britain, we pay out Government taxes so that when we are old and grey and no longer working, the Government can pay NHS hospitals to have us killed by dehydration and starvation against our wishes and those of family and friends.

We also pay the Government taxes so that the same NHS can refer our family and friends for abortions so that our unborn children will be killed off. According to official statistics, there were just over 700,000 live births in England and Wales in 2010. The fact that there were 190,000 abortions indicates that over one in five pregnancies were 'terminated'.

We also pay our Government taxes, so that the same NHS can temporarily sterilize our young daughters of 13 without our knowledge or consent, because the NHS obviously believes that despite being a serial killer of the unborn and the elderly sick, it merits the awesome responsibility to be a parent to our children.

Exactly, what will it take to have British people on the streets with very large placards outside Parliament in great numbers, exercising their democratic right to protest?


Matthaeus said…
Yes, it would be very interesting to see what would happen if any of our equally dearly beloved national newspapers were to publish an article in these or similar tones. Unfortunately, I suspect the protests would be directed at the editors of said paper than at the real villains of the piece.

BunBun4life said…
Yes I have read talk that NHS wants to put long acting birth control in ALL teenagers (all christian or secular british families that is). @Matthaeus - there have been articles, at least related to the birth control issue and NHS lobbying for ENFORCED birth control for young girls. It's already happening and gone with the wind while the media pressures readers to be concerned with 'something else'.

I note that the 190,000 abortions are probably almost exclusively indigenous brits.
Gotta cut the birthrate somehow when illegal aliens with 11 children are dropping in their laps. Plus what with all the multiple wives of non-working pakistani men all living in separate council housing & receiving separate extra benefits, somebody has to suffer. Of course they aren't legally married under british law, but they ARE married by pakistani & sharia law, but those laws don't cover benefits, so the women probably get benefits as single parents as well.

Great system.
The Bones said…
Bun Bun,

1. Would that Christians were as open to life as people from other ethnicities.

2. Put some clothes on, love.