Monday, 2 April 2012

"What My Mum Fought For Is Now Being Threatened..."

Thanks to Neil Addison for this.

The Guardian have a video of their coverage of the culture clash over abortion in the United Kingdom.

It includes this statement from a pro-abortion campaigner:

"What my Mum fought for is now being threatened..."

Incredible. Do these people not think about what they're actually saying? Also, why is the BPAS nurse in Brighton blacked out? Is she worried that her friends and family will find out where she works for a living, or does she think she'll get attacked by a gang of murderous pro-lifers? Weird.

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pelerin said...

Incredible indeed. I thought the same thing about the front page headline in today's Daily Mail which stated that 'Babies (are being) treated in the womb for obesity.' Note they are 'babies' here but when they are not wanted they are 'foetuses.'

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