Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Liberal Fantasy Claims More Young Victims

Apparently, now young girls are made vulnerable to depression and suicide because young boys are sending pornographic images of them across social networking sites.

We could teach children to wait until marriage for that special person. Perhaps the Church had it right on sex all along. But we can't go back, can we?

At all costs, we must continue to promote morally vacuous sex to young children, because if we taught children Christian morality we'd have to admit the liberal fantasy was deeply flawed. Best carry on as normal then. And they said the Catholic Church had 'child protection issues'... 

In every age, societies and governments bury Jesus Christ. In every age, He triumphs over Death and in the tomb He is not to be found. He triumphs in every age is because He is the Truth. You can try to bury Truth with any liberal fantasy you please, but eventually it emerges victorious. Of course, it will take another generation before the liberal house of cards comes falling down, because these children will one day be adults. Shall we just set fire to our neighbourhoods now and get it over with? Poor kids. What an age to be a child.

By the way, readers, I went to look for my van the other day where I parked it. I can only assume it shares in the Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord, for it is no longer there. Perhaps some scrap metal merchant saw it and thought he could get some money for it. The Lord brings good out of every evil, however, since I couldn't have afforded the insurance this year anyway.

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