Sunday, 29 April 2012

Preparing for Battle...

This week Archbishop Antonio Mennini has called for the Catholic Church in England and Wales to join forces with other faiths in uniting to combat the Government's plan for homosexual marriage to be introduced in the United Kingdom.

It's been quite a couple of weeks on that front, at least in terms of the media coverage and let's face it, this is a national 'debate' that is being directed by the media.

Recently, I've been wondering whether, due to recent spats that have taken place between Catholic friends, whether the World would be a better place without Twitter.  Would the United Kingdom be a better place without 'the media'? Certainly the Fourth Estate are there to hold Government to account. It's meant to be another check on the power of the Executive. So often, however, it merely perpetuates its own agendas or the agendas of its owners towards either directing Government policy ('the Government must do 'this' and 'that') or laying the groundwork for new policy to be accepted. What we are in the middle of now is a concerted propaganda campaign to lubricate the nation in order that the nation be shafted from behind. That is the Church and wider society and freedom in general. I'm sorry to be crude but that's how it is.

The Guardian, that bastion of public morality, reacted with fury when a Catholic school had the audacity to encourage or ask Catholic children whether they might like to sign the Coalition for Marriage petition to keep marriage between one man and one woman. Worse than this, the Catholic Education Service, the arm of the Church that we so often have lamented as ripe for amputation, actually defended the Catholic school in question because Catholic schools were, you know, founded so that children may not only understand the water table, learn to read and write and add up, but so that Catholic children may know and proclaim their faith.

For the school to do that was, however, a shocking crime because to do such a thing is 'political'. It was so 'political' that Michael Gove is to investigate the school in question. What rot. Everything we think, say and do is 'political'. Politics and religion don't mix, so they say, but they do when Government decides that it would be a good idea to mix them by trampling over an institution that Catholics and people of other faiths, as well as those who recognise the inherent good of marriage, are, by their sacred consciences, obliged to defend. And what a hideous cocktail of politics and religion the Government have concocted! A veritable molotov!

Of course, it wouldn't be 'political' for the CES to roll over and allow the government to tickle their tummies so much as they have done in the past and it wouldn't be 'political' for Catholics schools with their little, vulnerable lambs to be dumb before the shearers and indeed the slaughterers of their innocence. Strangely, it is, however, 'political' for Archbishops and Bishops to address these lambs in a school assembly and to warn them of the Government's intentions to alter first of all the fabric with which society is knitted together first and the school curriculum second, because it isn't at all 'political' to shape the PSHE lessons of the 21st century to include a portrayal of 'marriage' that is completely at odds with natural law and Catholic social teaching. No, that isn't 'political' is it? That's just good and sound governance, right? Of course! The very fact that Gove is planning to investigate the CES and the schools that read out the Archbishops' letter for being 'political' does rather confirm that the Government's proposals for same-sex marriage might just be shaping up to be more than a little totalitarian in how it deals with 'dissent'.

PM David Cameron: The gay-friendly sock puppet
While I agree with Archbishop Mennini that the battle against the Government's proposals require a concerted effort that demands some 'joined-up thinking' with leaders of other faiths, I do believe that what the United Kingdom requires in order to stop the Government going ahead with the plan is something that does not fall a millimetre short of a Miracle.

We should remind ourselves that the marriage for gays juggernaut has driven through democracies across the World far more tuned in to religion than ours with an ease which is nothing short of staggering.

If they did not stop this Pride float for same sex-marriage ram-raiding through Parliament in Catholic Argentina, what on earth makes people think it will not go through the heart of the British Establishment with even greater ease?  I've made the point before, but this is a global effort to reshape every democracy possible - an effort funded and guided by globalists for ends which have little to do with the liberation of that incredibly thin strand of gay men who hitherto were not the marrying kind, but now desire marriage.

Few governments have either the integrity, the will or the balls to stand up to the most powerful (mostly) men on Earth driving this agenda through every country in the West and beyond. We know that money buys you access to power and influence in this country because you can get a dinner date with David Cameron for £250,000. How much more power and influence can you get with all the leaders of the West, or at least members of their cabinets, if you are a billionaire or a trillionaire? Going by this list, it looks like rather a lot. I would be incredibly surprised if the subject of 'gay marriage' had never been discussed there, what with its spread across the West like a case of avian flu.

Of course, I've no hard, concrete evidence. I'm just joining up the dots of circumstantial evidence that suggests that I might just be right. Ah, maybe not. Maybe the richest and most powerful men on Earth just play blackjack and Scrabble with the CEOs of giant corporation and the West's ministers and shadow ministers, but then why would that kind of meeting need to be held in secret with none of the subjects under discussion published? Whether you believe what I believe or not, there can be no doubt that a petition is not going to stop this agenda from passing Parliament. The liberty of speech, Catholic education and the Church Herself will be crucified by its being enacted in law. The decision to go ahead with gay marriage has already been made. The 'national debate' is illusory. There is only one outcome that will be deemed acceptable by the political and media elite of the United Kingdom and only a Miracle will have a chance of stopping it. May I politely suggest that we give Twitter a break and intensify our prayers. Hey. Lucky all those globalists aren't on Twitter. Otherwise all of hell would break loose.


Anonymous said...


You might find this new blog of ours interesting:-

It touches on some of these topics.

God bless, and keep up the good work!

umblepie said...

Full marks to Archbishop Mennini and to the CES for condemning the political steam-rolling of our Catholic schools and our faith, by the secular and homosexual lobby in the guise of government, on grounds of 'equal'rights. I think it important that the Church unite with others of the same moral convictions as ourselves. There is strength in numbers, and the war is not yet lost in spite of what has happened elsewhere in the world. The way in which this anti-Christian and morally bankrupt Government is heading,anything could happen, including a new Prime Minister with the moral and political guts to act against those determined to destroy our faith, our Church, and our society. Oremus....

The Bones said...

Rocky, I think that's a little much.

AndrewWS said...

If we do this, at least they can't accuse us of being Islamophobic.

Oh, and Lawrence - stay off the Bilderberger stuff, it'll give people the idea you're a weirdo.

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