Monday, 30 April 2012

Twitterers: Stop What You Are Doing and Promote This!

On Tuesday 1st May, Mgr Andrew Wadsworth, dubbed the 'man behind the new Missal' will be giving a lecture at St Mary Magdalen Church, Brighton.

It is a must-be-there event for those interested in the liturgy of the Catholic Church and the direction in which the Church's liturgy is heading in the future.

If you are anywhere near Brighton or live further away but have the means to attend the event, do try to go.

Mgr Andrew Wadsworth is the Secretary of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) and is therefore exceedingly well-placed to give his thoughts on the future of the Liturgy to both clergy and the lay faithful, especially at these times of liturgical renewal promoted by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

There is, I believe, a Diocesan event taking place on the same evening, in which members of the lay faithful will be revisiting the documents of the Second Vatican Council. It is a shame that many of those people attending that Diocesan event shall not be able to make it to this undoubtedly fascinating lecture from Mgr Andrew Wadsworth, since his lecture will surely touch on some of the issues facing the Church as Her members learn about the Second Vatican Council and its influence on the future of the Catholic Church's mission to the World. Share it on Facebook if you can. Perhaps those Catholics on Twitter would like to take a break stabbing each other in the back and tearing each others throats out in order to share this advertisement on the World's most slanderous social network forum in order to use it for the spread of the Gospel in the United Kingdom. Just a suggestion.

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